Personalised Arabic Name Necklace


Get very personal, and customise your own personalised Arabic name necklace, and slay with all that added SSASSY Attention you’ll receive with yours on! ♥

You can create your own personalised Arabic name necklace and create any name you want!  (Maximum Letter capacity is 8). All the necklaces can be customised with an 18K gold plated gold finish or a Sterling Silver, Silver Finish.

To personalise your own Arabic Name Necklace:

(1) you’ll need to add the finish & the selected chain size into your shopping cart and press on the checkout. Our Personalised Arabic Name necklaces are made to order, the process of making and the delivery time will take up to 2 weeks (business days) for you to receive your necklace. ♥

(2) You can insert the name customisation required under the section labelled ‘NAME CUSTOMISATION’ You can insert the name required in Arabic, or if you write the name English we will have it translated in Arabic for you! ♥

(3) Your SSASSY necklace will be personalised, hand made, and packaged beautifully & delivered straight to your house within 2 weeks (business days) with tracked shipping. ♥

Additional information:

All our Necklaces are Allergy Free & tarnish resistant & water resistant ♥

The base material used for these necklaces is Sterling Silver + they finished with an 18K Real Gold Plated Finish or Sterling Silver, Silver Finish ♥

The width of the name is 1.4 – 1.6 inches wide & 0.5 inches in height ♥

For chain length, you will be able to order a 14 inches ( with 5 cm extension – choker chain length) or an an adjustable chain from 16 inches to 18 inches, or an 18 inches (with 5cm extension) – 20 inches chain length . All our chain lengths have 5 cm extension to shorten or widen the necklace length.

We also offer this personalised necklace in a tiny font which is smaller than the normal size – Tiny Personalised Arabic Name Necklace

or in a large font style here: Large Font Personalised Arabic Name Necklace


Additional information


18K Real Gold plated Finish (Gold Finish), Sterling Silver Finish (Silver Finish)


14 inches with 5cm extension (Choker Chain Length, 16 inches with 5cm extension (Normal Chain Length), 18 inches Chain Length (Long Chain Length

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