AALIYAH – Cuban Link Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings – 18K Real Gold Plated Finish


AALIYAH – Cuban Link 925 Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with an 18K real gold plated finish โ™ก

Shop these beauties, and have your ears looking fabulous with these on trend Cuban Link 925 Sterling silver base & 18K real gold plated Hoop earrings. All the babes are swooning over these AALIYAH earrings. Our new AALIYAH – Cuban Link Hoop Earrings are all made with a 925 Sterling Silver Base and finished with an 18K real Gold Plated finish! โ™ก

Youโ€™ll be slaying in our AALIYAH – Cuban Link Hoop earrings, and you’ll definitely be slaying when out and about. You will get serious ear attention (and for all the right reasons). Style these AALIYAH earrings by adding our SSASSY necklaces. You’ll want some added photo opportunities to showcase your ears, and you will definitely be serving the looks with our AALIYAH – Cuban Link Hoop Earrings. โ™ก

Any SSASSY outfit is complete with our AALIYAH Hoop Earrings and you can dress them alone on your ears or if you have multiple piercings you can even stack them up on your ears and pair them with your favourite SSASSY necklaces to complete the decked out SSASSY Babe look!!! โ™ก

All our AALIYAH – Cuban Link Hoop Earrings are:

Allergy Free & tarnish resistant, & Lead & Nickel Free

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