SSASSY STORE – Leila Figaro Chain Charity Anklets in support of Black Lives Matter #BLM

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Before I get into the post content, as some of you who follow me on Instagram & Twitter you will see I have been actively speaking out about Black Lives Matter and have utilised my social media accounts to spread awareness against RACISM & have utilised the platform I have and the influence & reach I have on my platforms to spread awareness and support the Black Lives Matter movement to stand against racism, to shed light on the reality that racism still exists amongst the Black community & minority group communities around the world. We are in 2020! It completely breaks my heart that over 400 years since the oppression of the black community, there still exists racism, injustices & oppression amongst the black community & minority group members such as myself. I’m Palestinian by origins. My fellow Palestinian brother’s and sister’s have been suffering oppression for almost 72 years, so the feeling of oppression and the severity of how important it is to grow awareness and stop racism, oppression, injustices is an important topic for me to spread awareness about in any way I can.

Due to recent current events, & after a number of deaths of Black community members in the U.S in the recent months including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery (to name a few of the many this breaks my heart) protests took place in the U.S, The UK & ACROSS THE WORLD to fight for Black lives and against police brutality and to fight against & tackle the wider issue RACISM!

When will be the time that this all stops? The Black community have suffered over 400 years of oppression. IT’S 400 YEARS LATER and still exists prejudice against our brother’s & our Sister’s. There needs to be a stop! How can we make change??? WE NEED TO SPREAD AWARENESS AND TACKLE RACISM, and continue to educate ourselves on Black History and support the black community.

There are multiple ways to do this I am going to insert links to reading material, donation pages, petitions to sign and spread awareness to stand against Racism towards the Black community!!!

You can sign petitions, find out about donation pages & access important information about the Black Lives Matter movement below.


You can watch documentaries & tv shows / films about Racism in the UK & the Black British Experience, & reading material on racism & Police Brutality – a list compiled by

A list of documentaries about Racism in the UK / The Black British Experience

A list of TV shows / Movies that show the Black British experience

A list of essays on Racism & Police Brutality

Other ways you can support the Black community, by shopping at Black – Owned Businesses – I’ve attached a list of Black Owned businesses in the UK compiled by


I also really wanted to utilise the resources I have & the platform I have to do something to show my support and my solidarity to stand with my Black brother’s and sister’s. I thought carefully about how I could support the Black Lives Matter movement and I wanted to get my small online jewellery business involved. So I uploaded a new Anklet in my online store, SSASSY STORE, and decided that 30% off profits on each sold Leila Anklet will be donated to 2 Black Lives Matter charities including; The @THE4FRONTPROJECT & @blklivesmatter movement (You can read more about the 2 projects below). The New Leila Figaro Chain anklet is available to shop in a sterling silver base & silver finish / or a sterling silver base & 18K Gold Plated finish. So essentially you can buy a gorgeous long lasting, allergy free & tarnish resistant anklet & in the process you are also contributing donations to IMPORTANT CAUSES, which is something amazing to do!

You can read about the 2 projects my SSASSY Store are donating profits to below:

The 4Front Project is a UK Based, Member led youth organisation empowering young people and communities to fight for justice, peace and freedom. You can check out the 4Front Project and access more information here –

Black Lives Matter is a Movement to fight for Freedom, Liberation and Justice for black lives. You can access more information here –

Leila Figaro Chain Anklets in a 18K Gold Plated Finish
Leila Figaro Chain Anklets – 18K Gold Plated Finish
Leila Figaro Chain Anklet in Sterling Silver / Silver Finish
Leila Figaro Chain Anklets in Sterling Silver / Silver Finish & 18K Gold Plated Finish

SSASSY STORE – Leila Figaro Chain Anklet – | HERE | £22.00

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my SSASSY STORE Leila Figaro Chain Charity Anklets in support of Black Lives Matter #BLM blogpost!!!

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  1. It is so important to speak up against injustice and racism. We’re such a diverse community that we can’t be treating others unequally based on their skin tone. Oooh! The anklets are super cute!

    Nancy ♥

  2. Thank you for spreading awareness. It’s great you are donating profits of sales to Black Lives Matter campaigns too xx

  3. Thanks for sharing! The anklets are a great way to get involved and show some support! I admit to being very ignorant of a lot of the racism around, this has been really eye opening and helped me see that even here in Australia changes need to be made! I’m doing what I can to speak up and I’m making sure my kids know that their different skins (we are a multi racial family) don’t impact who they are and that they should never treat anyone differently because of skin colour!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend 🙂

    1. I totally get where you’re coming from lovely! It’s really good that you’re actively reaching out to your children to reach them / and teach them about anti racism! 💓 that’s amazing sweetie, and you’re right I love the world as a multi racial and diverse and beautiful world! I hope the younger generation will be the light & change for our human race And thank you for the love and the support I really wanted to support the movement in any way I could 💓

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