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Welcome to Surreal Serene, I’m Serene & welcome back to my blog <3 I’m just your normal Arab girl from London, I also have my own online jewellery business – SSASSY STORE where I sell 18K gold plated and Sterling Silver personalised Arabic name jewellery and more customised jewellery. Since last year, I set up my own online jewellery business where I sell high quality jewellery at an affordable price point. I have taken inspiration for my Arabic heritage and I wanted the personalised Arabic initial or Name Necklace to become a popular trend within the jewellery and accessories industry and offer a range of personalised jewellery to shop from in inspiration to this. I also offer a wider range of customised jewellery, and other accessories including; earrings, rings and anklets!!!

Georgie Wearing her own personalised Arabic name necklace with her horoscope on it – Sagittarius.
Marina in a SSASSY Store M Arabic initial Necklace

For today’s thought let’s focus on small businesses, and a small business like my own – SSASSY STORE, it’s important to deliver an experience and not just a package. In connection to that statement, in today’s blogpost I’m going to be sharing with you all Lil Packaging an online packaging retailer that provides packaging for businesses, and specialises in plastic alternative packaging for businesses. In addition to that Lil Packaging provides packaging for some of the top retailers in the fashion, lifestyle & beauty industry, including businesses such as; Boots, Moonpig, John Lewis to name a few.

Lil Packaging provides a great range of packaging options for small businesses. The products they offer are all at an affordable price point, which is great for small businesses like my own, as start up’s generally need more support in the financial aspect of their businesses. Lil Packaging offers an affordable packaging service that will provide high quality products that are able to hold all your wonderful products inside of them, and they offer a wide range of packaging options to suit the needs of any business. I love the range of packaging that Lil Packaging offers, and especially for my business I am drawn to packaging products that will fit through a customer’s letter box with ease. They have a range of different eco – friendly and letter box friendly packaging options to choose from including their Lil Letterbox packaging which is 100% recyclable.

What I love about Lil Packaging is that they have a commitment to providing sustainable services and they do so through eliminating plastic products through their product line. They provide a 100% recyclable packaging range with the use of cardboard packaging and it’s great as the products are eco friendly and you can choose different alternative packaging sizes to suit the needs of your business.

You can read about Lil Packaging and their approach to providing plastic packaging alternatives and have a look at their website here – Lil Packaging!!!

SSASSY STORE Mini Koko + Koko Rings & press on nails by @bytiamaria
SSASSY STORE – Koko Ring & press on nails by @bytiamaria
SSASSY STORE – 18K gold plated Personalised Arabic name necklaces

You can grab 15% off your first order over at my online store, using the code: SSASSY15 in the checkout!

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I hope youโ€™ve enjoyed my * SSASSY STORE – it’s all about brand experience AD with Lil Packaging blogpost!!!

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*This is a sponsored post / Ad with Lil Packaging


  1. Wow Serene your products are so beautiful! I hope I can buy something soon, the name necklaces look amazing! Thank you for the packaging tip, I’m about to open an Etsy shop of hair accessories and finding the right boxes really drives me crazy.


    1. Oh thatโ€™s amazing babe! Please do send me the link to your Etsy store when you do launch as I will definitely support! Honestly for packaging it will save you a lot of money through shipping if you selected an eco friendly / letter box option ๐Ÿ’“! And will also enable you to deliver your packages safer as theyโ€™ll reach the customers house safely! And youโ€™re so kind I canโ€™t wait for you to shop some jewellery in my store, youโ€™re always welcome lovely ๐Ÿ’“ xoxo

  2. Congrats on your store. Beautiful necklaces. Nice to know about the packaging service as well. It is great you have your own business. So nice you’ve been inspired by your heritage. As someone who studied languages, I love to see different scripts. They are all fascinating and beautiful in their own way.

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