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Welcome back to Surreal Serene, I’m Serene and today’s outfit is mixing up the look with a pair of vinyl high waisted leggings I picked up from Boohoo <3 I really love the style and the look of the leggings but I’m not going to lie to you they’re a struggle to put on and the kind of material sticks to you so be careful I would suggest you wear them in colder weather, as they will sweat you out (Soooooo I’m here just telling you the truth) & that they’re a nightmare to put on especially as the material sticks to you as you’re putting them on LOL, but once on they LOOOOOOOOOK AMAZING!!! & are surprisingly comfortable <3 <3 <3 I rocked the look with a casual sweatshirt I picked up from Tally Weijl & accessorised with a faux fur leopard print bag I picked up from Stradivarius and a pair of my Adidas Falcon trainers!!!




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So I’m launching my own brand everyone, called SSASSY STORE & Big things are dropping next week, for now I have set up an Instagram page for it @SSASSYSTORE which you can have a follow!!! I’m selling a gorgeous things that are my kinda style mixed with sportswear and glitzy jewellery & HOOPS OF COURSE!!! So get to following and stay tuned for my launch <3!!! I’m sporting a pair of my SSASSY STORE SSASSY HOOP earrings in the outfit above and if you’re interested in pre – ordering them you can Direct Message me on the brand Instagram page <3 <3 <3 @ssassystore !!!

|| What I’m Wearing ||

BoohooHigh Waist Vinyl Leggings – | HERE | £14.20

Tally WeijlBlack Inspired Sweatshirt – | HERE | £9.99

SSASSY STORESSASSY HOOPS – £14.00 WILL BE RETAILING SOON here on the Surreal Serene Website <3

Adidas – Falcon Trainers in White – | HERE | £84.95

StradivariusFaux Fur Leopard print bag

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Drip Drip Outfit blogpost!!!

I’ve also made an account with 21 buttons, so you can shop my looks straight from the app, and if you have an account come and give me a little visit ❤ You can check out my 21 buttons profile here!!!

Please do keep updated with the latest news & Updates via my Social Media Channels


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Lots of Love❤

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  1. Congratulations on launching your brand, Serene! I really love this look, I can just picture you here in NY wearing those leggings. Too bad they’re difficult to put on, but I’m sure you’ll figure something out. So sorry to bother you!

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