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Welcome back to Surreal Serene!!! I’m Serene and today I’m going to be sharing with you a special post, and sharing my Second outfit from my trip to RomeItaly!!! … and the down low on what I got up to on my second day!!!

The first thing that I had to go and see was the infamous Colosseum, which is visited by about 5 million visitors a year (according to the guided tour that I had at the Colosseum)!!!

When heading to the Roman Colosseum, you need to plan your day accordingly, you’ll need about 1 hour to line up and purchase tickets to enter, and that will admit you to only enter and walk around… however, if you approach any of the staff around & outside the Colosseum you can find guided walking tours, and skip the line and also hear a bit more about the Colosseum as well, and the history behind where all the gladiator fights took place in Ancient Rome.

The easiest form of transport to get to and from the Colosseum is to take the Metro (which is about 2-4 stops) according to the area your hotel is located next to!!! From the hotel I stayed in Hotel La Residenza it took about 4 stops from the nearest station called Barberini which is great, and you can purchase a metro station ticket for the day which costs 1.50 Euros. (If you prefer the bus or even a combination, you can use the 1.50 Euro ticket on both of the forms of transport)!!!

After this I took the bus from directly in front of the Colosseum straight to the beginning of the main Shopping Road called Via del Corso. At the beginning of the road, you’ll see the Piazza Di Venezia, which is a remarkable building, and known as the central hub of Rome!!! Opposite it is one of the most welcoming, friendliest and tastiest Italian restaurants called Bar Basile!!! The staff are incredible, the food and Gelato are tastttttty as HELL!!! and best of all their pricing is very affordable considering the area!!! I ordered a whole load of food, and had a Stracciatella flavoured ice cream cone. The ice cream flavour is a favourite amongst Italians, it is a milk based ice cream mixed with chocolate shavings <3!!!

BAR BRASILE ADDRESS: Piazza Venezia, 5, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

After dinner & dessert, I walked along the Via Del Corso which is a long shopping street full of shopping malls, Italian clothes shops and also well known shops including Zara (you need to check it out, it’s HUGEEEEEEEE)!!! Over 100 shops all over the road, with independent boutiques selling Italian fashion to the main stream fast fashion retailers we’ve known to love and adore <3

Dressing for this gorgeously sunny day, the sun was shining and beaming and the weather was so incredible that it made me forget about the coldness waiting for me back home here in the UK. so I decided to rock out my fave Pretty Little Thing Neon Green High Neck jumper, which glowed with the sun. I completed the look with a coincidentally faux leather combo I wore with my Pretty Little Thing Cropped Faux Leather jacket & my Missy Empire Faux leather lace up skirt. I finished the look with minimal accessories, and teamed the outfit with my Primark Hoop earrings, my La Moda Reflective Sunglasses and my Nike Air Max 95 trainers (comfort and style)!!!

AfterlightImage 8 (1).jpg

AfterlightImage 3


AfterlightImage 6

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AfterlightImage 9.JPG

|| What I’m Wearing ||

Pretty Little ThingNeon Lime Rib High Neck Long Sleeve Top – | HERE | £10.00

Pretty Little Thing – Cropped PU Biker Jacket – | HERE | £40.00

Missy Empire – Maeve Black Faux Leather Lace up Mini Skirt – | HERE | £25.00

La ModaSunglasses

Nike – Air Max 95s in Black – | HERE | £130.00

Primark – Oversized Silver Hoop Earrings – £1.50

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Colosseum Outfit blogpost!!!

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