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Welcome back to Surreal Serene 🙂 & today will be a lovely post all about Primark Nail range!!! I picked up two sets of Primark nails each costing me a quiiiiid! Thats right, you heard me correctly thats £1.00 EACH!!!

I love the range of fake nails at Primark, they range between £1.00 – £2.50 for 24 nails (of all different sizes to fit your nails) + glue for the nails…. AMAZING MUCH????






They also have different ranges including Claws, Square shaped and even everyday short styles…. CLEVER :)!!! So I picked up 2 styles in the square nail finish. I picked up an everyday short style with a square finish in a nude toned colour named Peekaboo & then I opted for a night time colour in a burgundy black in the longer nail style that also has a square finish on the nail in the name Red Velvet… EACH ONE NEED I REMIND YOU IS PRICED AT £1.00!!! & Both styles have a matte finish to them, although Primark also has glossy, embellished finishes as well, it really is up to you on which style you prefer, but I really love the matte ones, they’re incredible!!!

The best part of the fake nails are the glue adhesive it’s so strong and I recommend using the glue for the nails, they keep the nails on for a long time, unless you hit into something …. which I do all the time, and then the nail falls off (my luck) you’ll be safe with the glue as it keeps the nails on with strength 🙂 & I LOVEEEE / In fact I rave about the glue that comes inside the boxes, it’s really great. I always end up carrying it with me on the go, in case I need to re apply a fallen off nail haha, and it’s tiny so it’s perfect to carry around on the go!

The actual nails themselves, are really good quality too, I love the longer style I feel like the nails are stronger and don’t break away easily, however, with the shorter everyday style the ends on the nails were a bit more flimsy… and maybe thats just the one I happen to pick up, but the nails bent quickly, as opposed to the longer style, but I wouldn’t knock them out just yet as I’m in awe with the whole Primark Fake nailsssss!

All in all, I’m a huge fan, as the nails are so affordable, great quality (at most) and the glue is the winner in my eyes, and they come in a range of very on trend, to classic styles that you can’t just say NO to!!! & if you’re around your local Primark, please spare a minute to head to the nails section within the beauty department to get your hands on a pair of these falsiesssss <3

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Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 23.08.01.png


Above I’m wearing the style Peekaboo!!! A lovely matte finish short style falsies, with a peach / nude colour!!!




Above I’m wearing the style of the Squareletto falsies, in the colour Red Velvet, with a matte daaaaaaaark dark burgundy / black finish!!!

PrimarkSquareletto Fake Nails in Red Velvet – £1.00

PrimarkSquare Fake Nails in Peekaboo – £1.00

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Primark Nails | DAY + NIGHT | blogpost!!!

Do you wear Fake nails??? If you have what fake nail ranges have you tried & recommend I check out next time I’m on the lookout for some falsies!!!? Have you checked out the fake nail range in Primark???

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Lots of Love ❤

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    1. Awww thanks so much beautiful! I can’t believe I bagged a bargain for £1.00 and they look amazing for the price!!! 😀 hope you have a lovely day sweetie!!! Xoxo

  1. Those nails look amazing! 😍 I used to have acrylic nail year round but I guess I have to try these less permanent ones next on some day off since I cannot study with long nails. Thank for sharing! Xo

  2. Oh my gosh, Serene! Your nails look SO gorgeous in that matte nude shade; I haven’t tried matte nails yet but you’ve absolutely convinced me haha 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous week ahead babe!! x

    1. Awww thank you so much Gabrielle 🙂 I love the nudeeee one <3 and anything matte!!! You have to check them out Gabrielle, they're amazing 🙂 <3!!! I hope you have a wonderful week <3 🙂 xoxo

  3. I’m amazed at how natural these nails look…perfect manicure look. It’s great that they are so affordable. My nails grow quickly in Summer but I often cut them short so they wouldn’t get into way of my sewing and DIY projects. Fake nails might be the perfect option for me.

    1. Thanks so much Ivana 🙂 they are super affordable and I really can’t wait to buy more! You should definitely try them out :p I would love to see you with false nails would be so cool! Xoxox

  4. Hello
    I myself have already bought these fake nails at Primark, it’s super fun, but we have the feeling that something does not belong to us. But it is a good and inexpensive alternative to gel nails this for a special occasion.


  5. I love the shape of the black ones of you! I LOVE the primark beauty section, just did a fall 2018 post on it. They always have awesome dupes and honestly, their products have been pretty awesome!

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