Milk Makeup – Concealer in Light & Medium

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Welcome back to Surreal Serene!!! …. TODAY is a special little one, as it will talk about my latest beauty finds in TK Maxx, and if you don’t know about TK Maxx then please go & get to know, it’s a chain of American department stores (known in America as TJ Maxx), but here in the UK known as TK Maxx, and they sell products at a lower & affordable price point!!!… SO YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND AN AMAZING STAR BARGAIN.

Now believe me, if I had not mentioned this ever, then I’m saying this now but TK Maxx has an amazing makeup / beauty / skincare section where you can find brands that aren’t usually stocked here in the UK ex. Cover Girl, Milk Makeup, Tarte Cosmetics … and more! All brand new *unless someone touches them and swatches them 🙁 …. You’re bound to find a bargain here & there, and you’ll find brands such as Makeup Forever, Nars, Mac, Too Faced … to name a few … SO MANY BARGAINS!!!

Now onto the juicy stuff, I managed to find a lot of gorgeous Milk Makeup bargains in one of my TK Maxx visits, in the Highstreet Kensington Store, London (generally one of the best TK Maxx’s I’ve been in, as it stocks a lot of exclusive collections & premier beauty brands!





Picture swatches above (Top Concealer Swatch: Medium / Bottom Concealer Swatch: Light)

I picked up 2 concealers one in Light & one in Medium, both untouched and priced at £3.99 yassss bargain, and there is no price comparison as the product is from an older collection, but it’s priced on Amazon for $7.99 (about £6.00)!!!… but anyway Bargainnnnn find, and Milk Makeup find :D… now onto the lovely concealers!

Medium is a bit too dark for me, and will be given to my bestie :D! But the Light one is a lovely match for my skin tone. The formula is really creammmmmmmmmy & light I cant believe how wonderful it feels on the skin, it’s a velvet like, highly pigmented formula that blends so perfectly into the skin with ease!

First I prep my skin with my primer, correctors & then foundation. After this, I would move onto using a I mainly use concealer under my eyes & I apply it using a triangle drawing on method to draw out the concealer along my under eye area, and reaching the nose to conceal everywhere & I add a bit more concealer on red areas! The Milk Makeup Concealer really conceals under the eyes, and brightens up the eye area (WITH NO CREASINNNNNNG)!!! & gives a really good full coverage, that you can just set with powder on top & you’ll be good to go!

Honestly for £3.99 and for a Milk Makeup product which is available in America, it’s long lasting, super creamy, highly pigmented & gives full coverage! yassssssss what more could you ask for??? Nothing!!! I really love it & if you manage to find it around in your Local TK Maxx store, then please go & buy it :)!!!

The Milk Makeup Concealer is sold out online, but you can have a look at more of the Milk Makeup range & more brands in the beauty section they have available online here!!!


Milk Makeup Concealer in Light £3.99

Milk Makeup Concealer in Medium £3.99


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Milk Makeup – Concealer in Light & Medium Review blogpost!!!

Have you tried any Milk Makeup products??? Have you been in or bought anything from TK Maxx, especially from the beauty section??? What concealers are you using all at the moment??? Do you recommend I try any out???

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    1. Hehehe, you should give it a go :p I bet Tj Maxx is 100 times better than even the UK one you guys must have More amazing bargains than here 🤣❤️ xoxo

    1. Hahah! Omg you said it girl you find a whole load of amazing bargains 🙂 that are definitely at a really affordable price point! ❤️💋 such a gem of a place! 🙂 xoxo

  1. Ooh, these are such gorgeous finds Serene! You’re right about TKMaxx, I’ve only ever shopped their activewear there (such an amazing range!) but i’ll be sure to take a look at their beauty department sometime soon as well 🙂 Thanks for the advice, gorgeous!! x

    1. Awww thanks so much Gabrielle, you should definitely go to the beauty section when you get the chance to 🙂 hehehe I will check their sportswear section next time I’m in xoxo

  2. You little bargain hunter you! Very impressed with your finds, especially as concealer is one of my holy grail beauty products! I didn’t actually realise TKMaxx stocked American beauty bits so I’m definitely going to paying much closer attention next time I pop in!

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    1. Hehe, yeah omg you feel me! With concealers it’s really important to get it right! So these concealers were such a gem! Yessss please go to TK Maxx & check out their American makeup brands 💋 xoxo

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