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Welcome back to Surreal Serene, and today is a special post, and it’s all about my collaboration with Skinkissed UK!!!

I was kindly sent a *Vitamin C Serum by the lovely team at Skinkissed UK to try out, and I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this collaboration, as I’m really interested in facial serums, and anything with Vitamin C is a win in my eyes. I’ve been using the serum on a daily basis for just over 1 week & I’ve noticed some difference in my skin appearance. I was using the GlossierSuper Glow Vitamin C Serum before this & switched onto this one   (You can read my review on the Glossier Vitamin C Serumhere)!!! I can honestly say that yes the Skinkissed one is slightly more expensive than the Glossier one, priced at £29.95, by about £6.00 I can safely say the Skinkissed one’s formula is less runny and easier to pat into the skin, as opposed to the Glossier one and thats one of the things that bothered me about the Glossier one, as a lot of product gets lost!!!



|| Different Uses ||

(1) You can use this a primer for makeup, which I’ve used before. I’ve prepped my skin with the *Vitamin C Serum & followed on with my moisturiser & then my makeup.

(2) You can use it as part of your skincare routine for some added glow & then follow with your moisturiser & have instantly glowing natural skin that you cannnnn rock!!!




I really love the formula of the *SkinkissedVitamin C Serum it has a slightly thick formula which comes in a dropper styled packaging, so that you can pick up and drop as much of the product as you want, and it gets absorbed into the skin within seconds. It’s transparent so it dries transparent into the skin as well, with no worry of carrying on with your morning skin routine. I typically apply 3 drops of the *Vitamin C serum each morning & then follow with my moisturiser & then makeup!!! It says on the website to use about 10-15 drops a day, however I’ve only used a maximum of 6 (3 during the day & 3 during the night) and have found I still see the results of more glowing, refreshed skin and I’m maximising on how much of the product is left to allow the serum to last longer!!!


I have loved using the *Vitamin C Serum from Skinkissed it has instantly boosted the glow in my skin, and has worked in improving the overall dullness in the skin, this is a great serum to use, especially when there are colder climates and you’re missing the sun rays, we definitely don’t get much sun here in the UK & this serum is perfect at providing the glow we need & would definitely recommend this, as it has added benefits with the Hyaluronic Acid & the Collagen to give your skin that boost and the needs for an instantly refreshed, hydrated and healthier looking skin appearance!!!

I was a bit hesitant with the inclusion of rose water, amongst the ingredients that it would irritate my skin, as I’m typically allergic to anything with Rose in it, however the formula caused no irritation on my skin whatsoever!!! Believe me if anything it adds to the light scent of the beautiful serum, and makes it more pleasurable with the application, I LOVE IT!!!!

|| What’s Inside ||

Vitamin C – It’s great for the protection of Collagen production & the maintenance of collagen and acts as a skin antioxidant to promote healthy, and glowing skin.

Rose Water – mainly for the light scent of the Vitamin C Serum.

Hyaluronic Acid – It maximises the skins collagen levels and helps to refresh & restore the skin, protecting it from fine lines & wrinkles. It also helps in the maintenance of your skins moisture levels.

Marine Collagen  Helps in the maintenance of healthier, glowing looking skin & strengthens the skin.

*SkinkissedVitamin C Serum 20ML – | HERE| £29.95

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my *Skinkissed – Vitamin C Serum Review blogpost!!!

Have you heard of Skinkissed UK before??? and have you used their Vitamin C Serum??? What Vitamin C products are you using this season that you recommend I check out????

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  1. Very nice! This product sounds amazing although the price tag is a little too hefty for me! I keep hearing all these wonderful things about vit C for the skin! (: Great post!

    1. Definitely recommend this one, I do agree it’s a bit on the priced side but if you’re purchasing a lot of different products to target hydration & brightening, this is an all in one solution hehe! So something to consider, I’m really loving Vitamin C products 😍 xoxo

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