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Welcome back to Surreal Serene!!! I’m back today with another part of my series, and today I’ll be talking to you all about the Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector from Glossier!!!

I love everything about this exfoliator, it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve used for my skin. After reading so many reviews of women using the Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector to get rid of a lot of acne & I’ve heard that this works better for ladies with dry skin types…. However, I’m going to put this out there…. 1) You can definitely use it if you have any skin type, I have an oily skin type and it works wonders for me… 2) This exfoliator definitely works for those with blemish prone skin (not just acne prone skin) … and works on unclogging pores, revitalising and brightening the skin, which is a perfect everyday skin exfoliator!!!

… and can I just say the packaging the solution comes in, is epic (look below) I love the silver rip open packaging, with a display of the ingredients and how to use information…. I think it’s a nice touch to the product & I definitely think it adds a bit of a wow factor to the product!!!



It’s recommended to use this once a day, I typically use this exfoliating solution once a day in my morning routine. I dab on the exfoliator after I’ve cleansed my face. I found the application process of the GlossierSolution Exfoliating Skin Perfector to be one of the easiest dispensing products I’ve ever used!!! You literally press down on the nozzle using a cotton bud to dispense just as much product needed to fill a cotton pad (one cotton pad is enough to wipe your face)…. as I’m using this on a daily basis, and I don’t struggle from massive outbursts of acne, so one cotton pad full is enough to keep any blemishes at bay, and unclog my pores … and adding brightness to my face.

After applying the exfoliator you should then move onto moisturising, as I have oily skin, I tend to use my OriginsMatte Moisturiser, you can read my review on this hereBack onto this post, haha! I would moisturise my face and then it’s really important if you’re using any exfoliating products that you apply sun screen after to protect your face against UV rays!!! I’ve been using and loving my GlossierInvisible Shield with SPF 30 you can view my review on the Invisible Shield here!

The formula is not irritating whatsoever, and you feel how gentle it is, it’s lightly scented with the smell of Aloe Vera, which is not overpowering whatsoever!!! I really love the formula, it absorbs into the skin so quickly within seconds, so it really doesn’t take much time to fully settle….. & Believe me this exfoliator has definitely given my skin A GLOW, it’s so bright, and refreshed within 2 days of just using the Solution…. I love love love love this & would definitely repurchase it!!!




|| What’s inside ||

Salicylic Acid – (BHA) that unclogs pores by breaking the oil bonds attached to the dead cells in the skin.

Glycolic Acid – (AHA) for Brightening. The AHA that breaks the water bonds becoming attached to the dead cells in the skin. The AHA works on improving the texture and appearance of the skin.

Lactic Acid – (AHA) that reduces the appearance of dark spots.

Gluconolactone – PHA that exfoliates the skin whilst  actively working on the skins texture to moisturise it & condition the skin.

In total you’ll get about 10% of the 3 blends of acid groups (BHA, AHA & PHA) … So about 3.3% of each acid group included inside the Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector!!!

Anti-Stress Complex – Aloe Vera, hydrating GlycerinNiacinamide to calm down the redness in the skin texture, actively working in keeping the solution feeling gentle on the skin.


All in all, I loved this GlossierSolution Exfoliating Skin Perfector, as it’s given me a brighter, refreshed complexion in just 2 days, and I definitely think it’s amazing value for money, it’s priced at £24.00 but will last you a very long time as you’ll use a little bit of product each usage!!! …. and the packaging is pretty dammmmn cute, I love the pink Glittery bottle with the typography…. definitely an iconic part of the exfoliator and I love the pump down dispenseeeeeer!!!!!! Favourite part of the exfoliator <3!!!… so I definitely would recommend trying it out!!!

Stay tuned for my Glossier Series, as they’ll be 2 more parts & this is just part 3 out of 5, and as part of the Glossier series, I will also release another Glossier video on past Glossier products I’ve tried <3!!! So STAY TUNED!!!

GlossierSolution Exfoliating Skin Perfector – | HERE| £24.00


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  1. I love Glossier, I have the hylauronic acid and it’s amazing 😍😍.. after reading your review I think I need to try this out too !!

    1. Hi sweetie, it has about 3.3% if Glycolic Acid but it doesn’t specify this anywhere on the website or on the list of ingredients … but the website & it has a 10% overall blend of the AHA / BHA / PHA I will update this in my post 🙂 thanks for pointing it out xoxox

      1. Yeah, I but it’s very light & non irritating on the skin, I was worried with all the ingredients and the sensitivity in my skin that they’ll cause a rash or something, but it has worked wonders with no irritation or redness whatsover 😀 xoxo

  2. I’m currently using the Krave Beauty Kalelaluyaha and I love it but I also have my eye on this. Have you tried the Krave Beauty one? Was wondering how the 2 compare 🙂

  3. I was already excited to read your Glossier posts after your last one when I told you I was curious about their range 😀 This product definitely seems like something I would use!! Keep the Glossier posts coming! haha xxx

  4. Haha I totally feel the same way about the gorgeous packaging Serene! How amazing you’ve achieved brighter and fresher makeup after just 2 days, wow – so happy to hear that babe!! 🙂 x

  5. I’m currently making my very first(!) glossier shopping list and your blog has been SO helpful Serene! This definitely sounds like one I need to add to the list as my skin has been pretty dull as of late!

    Musings & More

  6. It sounds like such an amazing product, it’s great that it works so well for you and would be suitable for more skin types too!

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend! I had a party and got the chance to spend a rare moment shopping without the kids which was wonderful! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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