Glossier – Super Glow Vitamin C Face Serum

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Welcome back to Surreal Serene, today I’m going to be talking you all about the GlossierSuper Glow Vitamin C Face Serum!!!

I’ve used the Super Glow in my morning skincare routine, as it’s recommended to try use each serum once a day!  The options on the Glossier website mention that you should use 3-4 drops of the formula on your skin, however I recommend you only use a maximum of 3, as it’s more than enough to distribute across the surface of your face and it will last a longer time if you use less… Also the effects of using less is still visible as I’ve been using the Super Glow for the past month in my morning skincare routine and I’ve noticed a massive difference in the overall appearance of my dark circles under my eyes, and it’s definitely worked in brightening up my face, even making me appear more energised! My friends have also noticed the difference and told me that my skin is more glowing!!!






The packaging for the Glossier – Super Glow, and Super Face Serums trio’s are beautiful and I love the dropper style of the bottle. It’s really easy to use the correct amount of product, and distributes just enough product from the dropper with ease onto the skin. You can easily drop the water gel serum formula onto the skin directly without any spillage and I LOVE THIS!!!. I love the formula as well, it’s a water gel formula that is unscented (which is something that I dislike with face oils / serums usually) and I love that within seconds once blended onto the skin, it’s absorbed and dries (but not dry, just a perfect matted finish) ready for your to apply your moisturiser after!!! I also have to say that it’s clever that the Glossier  Super Glow is a transparent water gel formula, which reflects on the purity of the product :D!!! And back onto the Packaging I love the orange tinged transparent circular tube and the white Glossier logo <3, and the pink and white dropper lid, it makes the product look so beautifullllll!!!

|| What’s inside ||

Vitamin C – Helps reduce dark spots and creates smoother, light-reflective skin base. The (AAP) type of vitamin C used in the Super Glow serum penetrates deeper into skin and keeps stable for longer.

Magnesium PCA – Energises tired looking skin cells.

Comparing the formula to the Glossier Super Pure, which I reviewed earlier, the formula in the Super Pure Face Serum was a bit thicker, and I love a thicker serum. The only fault I could find with the GlossierSuper Glow Serum is that it was so runny. The runny nature of the liquid makes it a tiny bit harder for your to apply the serum on your face, as it runs down the face quickly, causing a lot of spillage and wastage. The only way I would say to overcome this would be to tilt your face upwards and act quickly, You’ll need to drop a tiny amount of the serum on your face and pat it into the skin as quickly as you can (avoiding your eyes)!!!

You can also read my thoughts on the Super Pure Face Serum here!


****It’s important to note with Vitamin C products that you shouldn’t mix them with other serums, if you’re planning on using Niacinamide products (the Super Pure) you should use it at a different time to when you use the Super Glow!!!

On a more positive note, the Super Glow promotes healthier, revitalised looking skin, that will fight signs of looking tired! The magnesium inside will assist with energising your tired looking skin cells, and leave you with GLOWY glowed up bright skin, all with the benefits of the carefully selected Vitamin C, the retail price of each Serum is priced at £24.00 which is a competitive price point amongst other Vitamin C face serums out there, and would definitely recommend you check it out 🙂

& Stay tuned for my Glossier Series, as they’ll be 3 more parts & this is just part 2 out of 5, and as part of the Glossier series, I will also release another Glossier video on past Glossier products I’ve tried <3!!! So STAY TUNED!!!

You can check out part 1 of my Glossier Series, featuring the Lash Slick Mascara by clicking here!

Glossier – Super Glow Face Serum – | HERE | £24.00


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  1. OMG! I love vitamin C serums. I need to give this a try after I use up a few more products in my stash!

  2. I need a new vitamin C (think I’ve had my previous one open for too long), so will bear this one in mind, it sounds great x

    Velvet Blush

  3. I’ve just discovered the magic of serums, I was convinced they didn’t do anything for the longest time but I’ve since realised otherwise haha. This sounds so good, I like that it’s unscented. Great review, very in depth and helpful!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

    1. Aww thanks so much! 🙂 yeah it’s perfect that it’s unscented :)! Hahaha I love serums, before I started using them, I was like oh how did I live without them!!! <3 hehehe xoxo

    1. I think the two type of acids shouldn’t be mixed together as they’re both highly acidic! & strong to be used in an amount together on the face at one time xoxo

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