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Hey Everyone!!!

Welcome back again, to I Am Serene L!!! Glad to have you all back 🙂

Today will be a special outfit post, as it features a powerful message, that WOMEN & Men are ALL KICK ASS BOSSES, but we’ll focus on us WOMEN KICK ASS BOSSES for this post!!! For me, my mother is a true inspiration and is an example of what BABE POWER is all about!!! She is a special, beautiful, loving, selfless kind woman who raised me & my brothers on her own!!!

She has made me the woman I am today, and I’m so blessed to have her in my life, she has continued to support me, nurture me, care for me and my brothers, love me unconditionally and be my inspiration as she represents truest definition of what a strong, independent and beautiful woman is!!! So here’s to my mum <3 THE ULTIMATE BABE <3!!!

I’m wearing a very casual day time look that can be worn easily with comfort, but still has that stylish WOW FACTOR!!! I’m wearing a pair of Missguided BABE POWER Stripe Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans with an unfinished hem <3 AND I LOVE THEM!!! You can wear them for the day or even dress up the jeans for a night time look with a pair of heels! I wanted to keep the spring / summer look with my outfit and teamed the pair of jeans with pink accent colours <3, and went for my pair of Classic Leather Pearlized Pink Trainers from Reebok & a gorgeous Pink Zip up front Bodysuit I picked up from Missguided!!! Missguided always SLAY!!! & completed the pinkish vibe look with a gorgeous Longline Printed Satin Bomber Jacket from Primark.

I finished off the look with simplistic accessories to complete the look <3!!! I finished off the look with a pair of Accessorize  Silver Hoops Earrings.  I also completed the look with my Orelia JewelleryXO Necklace is the perfect length to wear with the neckline of the bodysuit <3!!! & I finally added a pair of PrimarkDream Girl False nails, that are priced at £2.50 & are such good quality, the glue that comes with them is so strong & lasts a long long time!!!

DSC_6442 (1).jpg









|| What I’m Wearing ||

MissguidedBlue Mid Rise Babe Power Straight Leg Jeans – | HERE | £35.00

AccessorizeLarge Silver Hoop Earrings 

MissguidedPink Zip Front Long Sleeve Bodysuit – | HERE | £20.00

Primark Longline Printed Bomber Jacket 

Aldo – Greenwald Black Handbag – | HERE | £50.00

Primark Dream Girl False Nails 

Orelia Jewellery XO Necklace 

Reebok Classic Leather Pearlised Trainers HERE | £64.95

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Babe Power OOTD blogpost!!!

Who inspires you???

What do you think of the straight leg mid rise jeans trend??? I’m loving Missguided at the moment, have you bought anything from the online store??? and what online fashion stores are you purchasing from???

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Lots of Love❤




  1. You look beyond stunning Serene, love everything about this outfit. The jeans are amazing and you look gorgeous xx

  2. Love these shots, so feminine and pretty. The location suits your outfit, floral and delicate 🙂

    1. Awwww babe it’s been ages since I also have come on your blog! Or spoken to you!!! I missed you <3 thanks so much beautiful 🙂 you’re such a sweetie ❤️✨😍😘 xoxox

  3. Oh, you’ve found such a beautiful floral spot here in the city babe! This floral bomber is so cute on you and I love your baby pink manicure Serene 🙂 x

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