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Welcome back to I Am Serene L!!!, and Goedemorgen in Dutch, as it’s morning time as I’m writing my post!!! :p Earlier this week I took a short trip over to Holland to visit my best friend, and she showed me around Holland!!! My best friend, Ghaida took me around Den Haag (Also known as The Hague) on the first day, and we also went to Amsterdam for the second day, and then we both headed back to London!!! It was a short stay, however, we jam packed a lot of adventures in the 4 nights stay, and 3 day trip!!!… and we even managed to see my friend Ricardo who lives in Holland, who I went to university with in Amsterdam, which was great :D, and ate a lot of food, saw a lot of sights and bought a lot of clothes, and makeup!!!

It all started with jetting off from London Heathrow, and on the plane journey I was greeted by clouds and a rainbow full of pink, purple and orange clouds, as it was a sunset time when I had arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


|| The Hague (Den Haag) ||

The Hague is such a gorgeous gorgeous city that has a sandy beach, that has a forrest bit, and has a lot of historical sights!!!…. that mixed with a huge centre for shopping and food is the perfect city for an all to see adventure!

We started off our adventure walking down the beach, and it was a sunny yet cold crisp start to the day, none the less the sights were beautiful and the sea was blue and gorgeous <3 !!!

We started off with a breakfast overlooking the sea, in a breakfast place that allows you to make your own pancakes called, ‘T Pannekoekenhuisje Scheveningen.

Address: ‘T Pannekoekenhuisje Scheveningen. Strandweg 17-17A, 2586 JK Den Haag, Netherlands. 










Ghaida took a Chicken Club sandwich, and I made my own pancakes with Nutella, and Banana’s on top… However, although the food was great believe me the service was terrible in the place and you kinda had to serve yourself…. The food was delicious but you will have to serve yourself let me just say that looool!

We then took the tram to the main Centrum where the Houses of Parliament named Binnenhof were, and the main shopping centre! and it’s such a picturesque and beautiful place to visit!!! We walked around, and went for a bit of a shopping trip :D!!!

We used our OV-ChipKaart Tram tickets for the tram, which you can top up at the Tram Stop!!!

















If you’re in Holland you need to pass by the many makeup stores called Douglas, that stock all your makeup needs <3 … where I tried on the newest lipsticks and highlighters … which I’ll talk about in the next blogpost! The one we headed to was the one within the Den Haag Centrum Shopping Centre.

Address: Douglas Venestraat 44, 2511 AS Den Haag, Netherlands.

And we couldn’t just pass Douglas, without taking a bunch of selfies under the cool LED Lights now can we???



Obviously we made a stop into Primark, TK Maxx, Starbucks for a coffee top up… and the many other shops in the main Shopping Centre, We finished our Den Haag Trip with a lovely meal at the famous Fratelli Den Haag (but if you want to go here, make sure you make a reservation otherwise it will take a while for you to be seated!!!

Address: Fratelli Den Haag, Tournooiveld 1, 2511 CX Den Haag, Netherlands.


|| What I’m Wearing ||

Zara – Leggings with Piped Side Stripes – |HERE| £19.99

Accessorize – Large Silver Hoop Earrings 

TopshopFurry Platform Slip on Black Trainers

ZaraFaux Suede Biker Jacket HERE | £69.99

Primark Choker Neck Beige Knitted Jumper – £10.00

Red Tartan Scarf <3 (taken from a friend, as I don’t wear scarves typically :p)

New Look Burgundy Studded Backpack 

|| What Ghaida is wearing ||

AdidasGold Superstar trainers – | HERE | £84.95

PrimarkWhite and Black Scarf

H&M Dark Grey Super Skinny Low Jeans – | HERE | £17.99

Accessorize – Black Gloves 

Stradivarius – Black Mini Bag

ZARA Maroon Padded Jacket 



|| Amsterdam ||

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, combining history, food (CHIPS, and PANCAKES AT EVERY CORNER & picturesque canals <3

We started our adventure walking from the Amsterdam Central Station, and walked to a cute little Breakfast place that specialises in EGGS, called  Omelegg!!! I ordered the triple cheese omelette, and Ghaida ordered the Funky Chicken Omelette and our Hot Chocolates!!! … Now her one was delicious, and it had a BBQ chicken flavour… but I didn’t realise that mine had blue cheese in it, and I couldn’t finish it 🙁 which was sad because I thought the place was amazingly cool, and it was PACKED, with lines of people waiting to be seated… AND FYI my hot chocolate was the one with the cream <3 :D!!!

Address: Omelegg, Ferdinand Bolstraat 143 1072 LH Amsterdam.





And then we walked across the canals, which were absolutely beautiful and ended up in the main square in Amsterdam, Dam Square. We walked inside the main shopping Mall, De Bijenkorf. The De Bijenkorf is the equivalent to Selfridges here in the UK, selling all the makeup brands, which we had to look at, and clothing :D!!!

Address: De Bijenkorf, Dam 1, 1012 JS Amsterdam, Netherlands.






DSC_5820 (1).jpg



DSC_5818 (1).jpg

And then we commenced our shopping trip around Dam Square looking at the many stores, and souvenir shops, where we found a lot of GEMS!!! The temperature on this day was absolutely freezing, and it was snowing, leaving most of the canals to be covered in a layer of thick ice, with temperatures up to -5 degrees … and towards the end of the day when we met our friend Ricardo, I’m telling you our bodies were NUMB and we couldn’t feel our faces, and WE COULDN’T WALK without it hurting!!! My sentences were slurring and gibberish was coming out … but the fun of it was enjoying the numb cold with my two friends <3 as we laughed and walked in the ice cold streets of Amsterdam together.

We grabbed a portion of fries at one of the many Chipsy Kings around Amsterdam!!! 😀 We sat outside in one of the many Cafes in Amsterdam watching the night time escape with us, as we chatted and laughed together!

IMG_8179 (1)We went home, and we ate a lasagne we had made earlier in the morning before heading down to Amsterdam with delicious ingredients we picked up from the main Grocery store around Holland, Albert Heijn…. and the next day we headed back to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and of course I did a bit of some Duty Free shopping :D…. and headed back to a SNOWY LONDON <3!!!

|| What I’m Wearing ||

PrimarkBlack Knitted Polo Neck – £8.00

Accessorize – Large Silver Hoop Earrings 

TopshopFurry Platform Slip on Black Trainers

ZaraFaux Suede Biker Jacket HERE | £69.99

ZaraMid Rise Grey Ripped Skinny Jeans – £25.99

Red Tartan Scarf <3 (taken from a friend, as I don’t wear scarves typically :p)

(I wear it at some point) StradivariusMore Self Love Red Cap – | HERE | £12.99

New Look Burgundy Studded Backpack

|| What Ghaida is Wearing ||

StradivariusMini Zipper Backpack in Black – | HERE | £17.99

PrimarkWhite and Black Scarf

H&M Dark Grey Super Skinny Low Jeans – | HERE | £17.99

Accessorize – Black Gloves 

AccessorizeBlack Beanie Hat with a black Furry Pom Pom

PrimarkKhaki Trainers – £12.00

Maje – Khaki Padded Jacket

StradivariusRed Hooded Sweatshirt – | HERE | £17.99

…. then back to London!!!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post!!! Featuring my Holland Fashion and Beauty Haul next on I Am Serene L!!!

|| Photography by myself & Ghaida, also mixed media from my Camera and Iphone ||

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Holland Travel Diaries blogpost!!!

Have you visited Holland recently??? Do you recommend any places and cities to check out in Holland on my next visit???

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  1. What a cute travel post Holland looks gorgeous I love your outfits girls you look stunning both of you, glad you both had a lovely time there xxx

  2. Loved reading this! Sounds like you had a such a fab time, love both of your outfits. The scarf is my fave item though 😉 can’t wait to read the next post!

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