NYX – Concealer Jar in Orange

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Welcome back to I Am Serene L! Today I’ll be talking about the NYX Concealer Jar in the shade Orange!!! I’m so so excited about this post, as this concealer jar changed my ways of applying makeup.

My whole correction / redness days are OVER! Thanks to this bad boy, and I’M IN LOVE! I really don’t say things I genuinely mean, and this orange corrector is a special product to have if you have redness on the face, especially under the eyes. The concealer / corrector offersย  full coverage, in one layer, and thats a lottt believe me. I mainly get redness under the eyes, and dark circles… AND The NYX Concealer Jar in Orange definitely conceals all the redness with ease!!!

You’ll be happy to know that the NYX Concealer Jar range comes in both colour correcting colours, and also skin toned colours, so there is something for everyone…

Also from a price perspective… ยฃ6.00 IS AN AMAZING PRICE, and you can’t go wrong as the quality is just incredible, and the price is better and better, and I love the jar packaging the NYX black and white packaging just reminds me of MAC makeup, but I do wish that it was a tube with a concealer stick applicator as it’s easier to create a triangle shape on the under eye … when applying… (but thats a personal preference).

The formula is highly pigmented, and a little goes a long way trust me… and the formula also has a full but long lasting coverage. It blends with ease onto the face, and has a creamy velvet texture. But dries matte (soft matte) after a couple of seconds. It also blends in well onto the skin once you apply your foundation over, with no appearance of orange … or even better NO RED!!! It has an undertone of blue to it, so it is able to cover dark circles with ease, and will be more effective for covering darker (dark circles) than a salmon coloured corrector :D!!!



DSC_5572 (1)

|| How to use ||

– Before applying any correctors… you must prime your face, and I love using my GlossierPriming Moisturiser, you can have a read on my review on this here!

– After priming I would directly apply the the orange concealer under my eyes (or in areas where you need to hide the redness)!!! and I would use my index finger to apply the corrector directly onto my eyes / face and I use my finger tips to slightly blend in the corrector…. I don’t believe in using brushes for this (but if you like concealer brushes then please go ahead and use it) I really love using my fingers to dab on concealers, correctors and foundation.

– After I apply the Orange corrector, I go ahead with my normal makeup routine and apply my foundation and then concealer on top!!!




Then apply your foundation after the orange concealer.



After, look how the darkness / redness is concealed!!!

Overall I’m very impressed by the NYXConcealer Jar in Orange, and would recommend trying it out if you have problems with redness on the face, and would definitely recommend it for a solution, and the price is THE CHERRY ON TOP OF THE CAKE, you’ll find it hard to say NO! I plan on trying out the skin toned coloured concealers next :D!

NYXConcealer Jar in Orange – |ย HERE | ยฃ6.00

I hope youโ€™ve enjoyed myย NYX – Concealer Jar in Orangeย Reviewย blogpost!!!

Have you tried any of the NYXย rangeย before??? Have you used any great concealers / colour correctors thatย recommend I should check out for redness :D???

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