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I hope you’re all well!!! I am back to share with you all, the final goody I received as part of the *Glossier products that came in the mail.  I am going to talk about the *Milky Jelly Cleanser today on I Am Serene L!!!

The *Glossier – Milky Jelly Cleanser is the product I was so so so so excited to try out, and when I received in the goodies that came, I was so happy to trial it out :)!!! I love everything from the appearance of the Jelly Cleanser bottle to the typography of the bottle and the milky colour of the cleanser :)!!!

I’ve trialled this Cleanser both as a morning cleanser, and as a makeup removing cleanser at the end of the day. However, I can say that this *Milky Jelly Cleanser works better for a morning daily cleanser, as it’s very revitalising and hydrating so it boosts the hydration into the skin, and leaves your face feeling fresh. The *Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser is unscented and will cause no irritation on the skin, and feels and has a light textured / velvet like feeling when you apply it onto the skin. The formula is unscented as I mention before, and appears to be white / milky coloured, but when you pump it out of the bottle it turns transparent when you massage it into the skin…. it doesn’t foam on the skin either which I like, it’s very light and stays gel like when you massage it onto the skin!

I have also used it for makeup removing purposes, however found that it cleanses the rest of my face with ease, by removing the foundation and eyeliner… However it really doesn’t work well with removing waterproof mascara…. otherwise it’s a worthy challenger. I’m yet to find something that will remove waterproof mascara with ease… any suggestions please??? 🙂 !!! and on another note the Glossier website does mention that it isn’t aimed for targeting Waterproof mascara, and to use a Cleansing oil before massaging in the *Milky Jelly Cleanser on your eye area, when trying to remove Waterproof mascara 🙂

 ‘ This is the ultimate daily face wash: use on dry skin to dissolve away makeup and grime, or on wet skin as you start your day. The pH-balanced, creamy gel formula is made with a blend of five skin conditioners so your face is left feeling healthy and soft, never tight. Its cleansing power comes from the same gentle cleaning agents found in contact lens solution, so it’s tough on impurities and still safe to use on your eyes. You’ll see. ‘ –

Here are the main ingredients that are present inside the *GlossierMilky Jelly Cleanser

Poloxamer – A cleansing agent used in contact lens solutions.


Comfrey Root Extract – which contains Allantoin which is used to heal dry and stressed out skin.

Aquaxyl – helps to retain the skin’s water retention and helps to prevent the skin from dehydration.

& Pro-Vitamin B5 – which is a powerful moisturiser found in cheese and mushrooms :D!!!

DSC_5013 (1)

DSC_5016 (1)

DSC_5023 (1)

DSC_5030 (1)

… and no actual milk utilised in the *Milky Jelly Cleanser …. aye … I don’t mind though it’s still great :D!!!

All in all, I have really enjoyed this *GlossierMilky Jelly Cleanser and would definitely repurchase this product once mine is finished :)… I’ve enjoyed the Face cleansing experience I’ve had using this product and it’s very easy to use, and to upkeep as part of a morning facial cleansing routine…. !!! and I love how affordable the actual products are, and how high quality they are also!!!

Also on another note, *Glossier will start shipping to the UK from the 9th of October :)!!! So you can check out their website…. I know there will be a couple more products that I’ll be trying out for sure!!!


*GlossierMilky Jelly Cleanser – | HERE | $18.00 / £13.70

*PR SAMPLE |All items that are Marked with an Asterix are PR samples/Gifts|

I hope you’ve enjoyed my *Glossier  Milky Jelly Cleanser Review blogpost!!!

Have you tried any of the Glossier range before??? and what Face Cleansers are you using at the moment???

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