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I’m back and I’m going to talk to you all about my latest NYX love, and that’s the Fresh Face Blotting paper for an instant touch up on your makeup!

I’ve been asked a lot about the products that I blog about, and unless I state that they’re PR samples, I purchase most of the products that I talk about on my blog… and although they mostly are positive things that I mention about the products… believe me I am hardly an impulse buyer, I usually purchase things when I’m almost certain that the product will work for my needs! and thats why I’m rarely disappointed because in the end I consider my budget on how much I want to spend, and I also consider my skin type when I purchase a product (and I’m cautious with my spending)!!! Also I read a lot of reviews on products if I decide I’m going to try out a product! 🙂

But also that being said, I also mention about the negatives I have towards a product!!!

Now back onto the actual star product to talk about today, and that’s the NYXBlotting Paper! The blotting paper comes in 3 scents/ colours including the one I chose to try (Fresh Face), Green Tea and Tea Tree!

I ordered my products to test out from ASOS, on the beauty section, and to my surprise I thought I had ordered 1 x 100 blotting paper’s but when you pay £5.00 you’re actually receiving 3 x 100 sheets 🙂 (so 3 packets) yay! 🙂 … so I was even more excited…

All the blotting papers are aimed to matte the skin, and this is seriously a perfect tool for an oily skin base, as when you dab the blotting paper over your oily skin and instantly it matte’s it and leaves it oil free with no shine :D! I really like how easy and quick it is for a touch up for the face to just dab the blotting paper over your oily skin… it instantly shows results & would definitely recommend carrying the blotting paper for on the go when you have no time & need quick results :)! It also works amazing when you use the blotting paper & then touch up with a matte powder it makes the base smoother for a re-application.

The only thing I don’t like is that you have to use at least 2-3 papers to blot your entire face, as the oil gets easily absorbed by the papers and you have to use up more than one paper! Other than I seriously thought paying £5.00 (at the time I bought them) for what I thought was 1 packet & ended up getting 3) is an absolute bargain :)… on the ASOS website they’re now advertised as £5.50! I also love the packaging, and love the little heart sticker that closed the pack together & think the size is perfect to carry in your hand bag, and it looks very adorable!





Over all I would recommend trying this product if you have an oily skin type & would definitely recommend it for the price :D!

NYXFresh Face Blotting Paper – | HERE | £5.50

I hope you’ve enjoyed my NYX – Fresh Face Blotting Paper Review blogpost!!!

Have you tried out the NYX products before that you recommend I check out??? Or have you tried out the Blotting Paper’s Before???…. and what are you using for your daily makeup touch ups for an oily skin base???

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    1. Hahaha, I really hate when that happens! This will honestly save your life & wont remove any foundation (thank God!) 🙂 hehehe it only removes the oil & won’t absorb your makeup xoxo

      1. Loooool, I love that you found an excuse to try it :p hehehe <3 🙂 I usually do that to justify buying something LOOOOOL! I miss you! How are you? Xo

      2. There is always some excuse to try haha! I miss you too!! I’m doing good! Thank you! How are you?? I miss you too!! I’m trying to get back to blogging regularly (at least weekly). It’s so good to read a post from you again! 😊❤ Xo

      3. Heheh, I’m good hunny, hahah I’m trying to get back into blogging regularly as well 🙂 in need to catch up on your posts! ❤️😘 xo

      4. Haha I need to seriously post more regularly 😪😂! ❤️ how are you finding it getting back into blogging more frequently ? Xx

      5. I am only posting once a week. I just can’t do it more than that! Lol! You just have to pace yourself and not put any pressure on yourself 😊❤ xx

      6. Heheheh, well done hunny! In need to do that also ❤️! 🙂 I don’t want to pressure myself !!! & still do it when I can as I’m very passionate about it💜😘😘😘 xoxo

      7. I completely understand! 😊💕 I took a year off from blogging and just felt burned out, I had moved across country, and have had to deal with some health issues. Then when I came back, I just felt like I needed a fresh start and created this one…deleted the old one lol. Was probably crazy because I had so many followers lol. I don’t care about numbers though. I just love doing it and it’s fun for me to meet new friends and interact. I’ve met the best people through blogging! 😘❤

  1. I’ve never tried blotting papers as my skin is more on the dry side but during the day my t zone does start to look a bit oily sometimes, and I can’t be bothered to carry powder with me! I think I’ll definitely look into these, as you said they’re great for chucking in your handbag and sometimes putting powder on again can be too much on dry skin xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. I’ve never tried them before this, they’re absolutely a life saver 🙂 … so easy for a quick touch up & saves you having to carry the powder for layering more makeup! My t-zone gets really oily too & the papers eliminate so much oils from the face they’re unbelievable 😀 xo

    1. Awww I really didn’t know that Boux did blotting paper’s either! This one is amazing & so professional Megan 🙂 you should definitely give it a go! Xo

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