Sephora Collection – Beauty Amplifier Pore & Fine Line Filler

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I am back, and here to talk to you all about another Sephora goodie!!! … I’ve just been a bit busy with work and university! …. so I haven’t been able to write up on my blog sooner! ๐Ÿ˜€ But I haven’t forgotten you all ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m back with the Pore & Fine Line Filler from the Sephora Collection, Beauty Amplifier range!


….. I do like this, however…. It does remind me of the NYX Pore filler … which is priced at ยฃ11 … However this one is slightly better in terms of the silicone feel… which is something I really disliked about the Pore Filler by NYX… This one feels like it’s blurring your face, pores and fine lines but without that plasticy feeling, and harshness on the skin. It feels so light and fluffy on the skin and in that sense I really love the Sephora Collection version!

In terms of pricing the Sephora Collection is retailed at โ‚ฌ12.95 which is about ยฃ11 and for a high quality primer base before your makeup I do think thats a reasonable price, and it’s even less than Angel Veil by NYX, priced at ยฃ12.00ย which is a firm favourite of mine, because of its lightness!

The Beauty Amplifier primer instantly blurs out pores I definitely see the benefit of that quality, and mattifies the skin in order for makeup to be placed over… (I’ve felt like my foundation applies so smoothly over the primer base). However, one of the qualities that this primer mentions is it’s ability to blur out fine lines… Now I have lines under my eyes that I have problems with and this product really didn’t benefit me in that sense… as it didn’t reduce its appearance… but I’m ok with that because you cant expect a product to do everything, I think Sephora really should have aimed this product only on Pore blurring…. as I love it for that <3

The formula is very light and instantly blends into your face, leaving no colour, it blends transparent onto your face! I would recommend using this primer on targeted areas for specific results on the pores, and for an overall primer feel and a natural and matte face finish, I’d apply all over the face (which I normally do)!!!





Sephora CollectionBeauty Amplifier Pore and Fine Line Filler – | HEREย |ย โ‚ฌ12.95 / ยฃ11.06


I hope youโ€™ve enjoyed myย Sephora Collection โ€“ Beauty Amplifier Pore and Fine Line Filler Reviewย blogpost!!!

Have you tried any Sephora Collection products???โ€ฆ. and have you tried anything from the Beauty Amplifier range before??? What products do you use to Matte your skin, and to prime your face???

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    1. I wish we had it here too! ๐Ÿ™ they’re planning on opening one in Westfield, London Stratford! But I have no idea where they are on plans with it apparently it was supposed to open up end of this year! ๐Ÿ˜ฐ! Xoxo

    1. Yeahhh try this out darling! This is smooth on the skin! And really really long lasting! A lot goes a long way & I love the NYX Angel veil as well ๐Ÿ˜†! Hehe xoxo

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