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I am so excited to be back on here, I’ve had a couple of weeks of work, work, work haha!… and a couple of deadlines, and in the midst of me studying for an exam, I received a lovely parcel :D… in a pink envelope! I thought to myself I didn’t order anything…. and I opened the parcel to find a lovely *Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom perfume, by the lovely Viktor & Rolf PR team!!! <3 …. I was studying for an exam, and this bottle definitely cheered me up! :D… Thank you again, this bottle of lovely perfume-ness kept my positivity levels high 🙂 <3!!!

And let me tell you how amazing this lovely new addition to the Flowerbomb perfume collection is, and it’s got the same beautiful, dresser worthy bottle as the original Flowerbomb’s but comes in a longer bottle shape which is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a gorgeous slim, diamond-esque bomb shape, and it comes in a beautiful little box, sealed with the Viktor & Rolf wax signature, and iconic ribbon imprinted with the Viktor & Rolf Logo… ah so dreamy!

DSC_4214 (1)DSC_4231.jpgDSC_4238 (2).jpgDSC_4228 (1).jpg

Flowerbomb Bloom is an ideal, fresh and light version for the day.’
Flowerbomb Bloom was developed from our desire to create an airy fragrance with a burst of fresh flowers, one that was synonymous with the bloom of spring.’
Viktor & Rolf
I am in love with the smell of the fragrance it’s a lovely floral, and fresh light scent that you can wear in the day, and with a little spritz you’ll instantly feel refreshed!
The top notes of the perfume give life to pomegranate, bergamot and mandarin oils!
The Heart of the Flowerbomb Bloom notes include pure air molecules (WOW)!!!! which is in an innovative molecule obtained through the mountains of the Pacific Northwest!!! The Liquid air molecules give a fresh sense of airyness to the perfume, and leaves it feeling light and refreshing 🙂
and the base notes include the intense strong tones of musks, vanilla and patchouli, which definitely rings a bell with the other sister’s of this perfume! <3
I have been wearing this lovely *Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb Bloom over the past few days, and I absolutely adore it, the staying nature for this perfume lasts for hours, and it still smells so divine and refreshing every time you take a little smell of it <3!!!
* Viktor & RolfFlowerbomb Bloom 50ML – | HERE | £59.00

*PR SAMPLE |All items that are Marked with an Asterix are PR samples/Gifts|


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb Bloom Review blogpost!!!

Have you tried any of the Viktor & Rolf perfume range before??? and what is your favourite perfume, for this Spring??? <3

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  2. Woooooaattttt! I would love to try Flowerbomb! Actually I’ve never even got a sniff at it before but it seems to be a favourite of a lot – plus you made it 10 times more appealing and I trust what you have to say <3 this is kinda funny because the other day I just cheaped my way into perfume samples (at an unknown store lol) and made the poor woman bottle me a bunch to take home…I should have added Flowerbomb LOL.

    1. Awww babe! You should go back and ask the lady to give you some flower bomb ones Heheheh! 😝😝😝😝😝❤️ aww thanks so much beautiful! 😘 you’re so kind woman! Please go to your nearest counter and sniff this up! YOU WILL LOVE ITTTTTTTTT 😀 heheh ❤️ hope you’re having an amazing Easter babe xoxo

      1. I think the sample lady will catch on if I do…I gotta go when she’s not working LOL. Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well! I’ll be getting back to your messages soon!! <3

      2. Looooool! Hahahaha I think head to another sample lady 😂😂😂😝❤️! Aww I got your message Babe! And I’ll be getting back to your one ASAP! Hope you had a lovely Easter 😘🎉❤️🐰! Xoxo

  3. Aww that is such a lovely (and pretty pink!) surprise to have unwrapped, especially while in the midst of studying for exams. I’ve tried this fragrance in store and totally loved it; such a gorgeous fragrance!!

    1. It is so beautiful 🙊😘❤️… & absolutely unexpected! It definitely cheered me up & this fragrance is absolutely out of this world! 😍❤️ 🙂 I’m glad you loved it also Gabrielle! 🙂 xoxo

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