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I am excited to be back on I Am Serene L with yet another pair of amazing Adidas trainers that I’ve picked up from my local Foot Locker Sports shop! I’ve been seeing the White Adidas Superstar trainer trend strutting the streets of London…. and through the style inspo I get on Instagram with people sporting the white trainer trend across the world!

So as I was passing by my local Foot Locker one day, I fell in love with a Rose Gold Striped version of the white trainer trend & I fell in love because the trainers featured rose gold details mixed in with the white to give it a little bit of an edge! …. & I’m a sucker for Rose Gold it looks a bit different to a pure gold colour, and I love the bronzy colour of the gold! I love the rose gold stripes, and the Rose Gold Adidas logo imprinted on the front and the back of the trainers, the colour and the detailing definitely adds a bit of luxe to the trainers!

… Let’s also consider the price of the trainers… I am not afraid to say that yes, I’m concerned with the increase of prices that Trainers have become nowadays with a good pair of trainers costing at at least £65 …. when back in the day (I’m not that old but hey…. :P) a good pair of trainers really did cost you a MAX of £65! But considering this…. and for the price and worth of trainers in this day, I would have to comment and say that the £74.99 price tag is a good price for the trainers… when you’re on trend, have a versatile pair of trainers that can be worn with a number of outfits and will last for a long time! …. and let’s not forget there are trainers that cost £250 out there,,!?!)!>* that do just the same job!

That Aside ….I love how versatile the white trainer trend has become, and you can wear it with a variation of different outfits. You can definitely dress the trainers with your favourite pair of jeans for that casual sporty look & even wear it with this seasons trend the maxi body con dress, with a leather jacket  as well for that effortless summer look! I wear out my superstars with my favourite pair of JoniHigh waisted Topshop jeans! You can even add a draped jacket in a soft, light material for a sport luxe look as well!!!

DSC_2494DSC_2495DSC_2503 (1)

These amazing shots were taken whilst walking through the Barbican Centre Conservatory with Asta! The Barbican centre is home to a collection of tropical plants that feels like a true oasis within central London…. You feel like you’ve been transported into a tropical Exotic Island walking around within the Conservatory, it feels like you’re in a forrest. It’s absolutely breathtaking to think you’re still in London, but you’ve been inserted into a tropical world within! All the beautiful shots taken were shot by Asta including the shots taken of my trainers :D!


For more information of the Barbican Centre & how to get there, and for some more information on the Barbican Conservatory click here! …. It’s definitely a worth while attraction to visit if you’re around the Barbican Area! …. or if you love flowers and plants like myself and Asta… it’s for free & you’ll get a chance to discover new plants that you’ve never seen before, and please make sure if you do visit, that you’ll walk up to the second level and take a look at the Cacti room, home to a beautiful selection of tropical Cacti <3!!!

AdidasSuperstar Metallics in Rose Gold – | HERE | £74.99

| Photography was taken by  Asta |

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Adidas – Metallics Superstar Trainer blogpost!!!

Have you bought into the White Trainer trend??? …. Or are you rocking any other footwear trends this Summer Season???

Have you gotten a chance to look around the Barbican Centre Conservatory in London??? Do you also recommend any places around London that I should check out??? 🙂

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I am Serene L



  1. amazing trainers I love the rose gold detailing, they have them in silver I was eyeing them up a couple of weeks ago! I also love the barbican shots, the cactus’s are spectacular x

  2. I love how adidas are back! I haven’t got one yet because I have to order it online because it’s always sold out where I live. I can’t believe how trendy it is now but I need them lol! I’ve been getting into sporty athlesure wear and have been rocking a lot of trainers and white canvas shoes! I love your rose gold ones and your gorgeous pics!!!

    Jasmine 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Jasmine 🙂 haha yes the Adidas trend has come back & I love the new updated styles especially with the little detailing they have instead of the plain old white versions that started the trend! They are always all ways sold out in my size, so it was lucky that I found my size haha! I hope you’ll love your new trainers! 🙂 I’m into the sport luxe trend / look at the moment with my satin joggers & camo cap and trainers hehe! Thank you so much again! Xoxo

  3. I love that Asta is taking you out to so many nice places. But back to the trainers…totally on your side. It’s ridiculous how expensive they are (for what they are). I think these days you pay more for the brand’s name and also yours look more like a fashion item rather than for actual performance, so I guess with a little pinch of salt I would just about accept the £75.

    Caz | Style Lingua

    1. Yeah they’re more fashion styled than for sport performance but I can’t say that I’ve found any nicer for less than the £65 – £75 price margin! Asta is absolutely incredible he has taken me to some beautiful places <3 I'm so grateful for his presence in my life 🙂 xoxo

  4. I’m in with with this rose gold pair, so chic! I think this trend has been around since last year which is amazing because you know you’ve invested in a super stylish piece! I got my adidas last year but I don’t have them anymore as I went through mud with them and the whites so hard to clean! I need to invest in another pair and keep these for dry days only so they stay new! 🙂 x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. Aww thanks so much Jenny! Ohhhhh no 🙁 not in mud 😢! I hope you’ll get a fresh pair soon! I try & keep mine clean and wear them on dry days and I constantly clean them hahaha! I just don’t want them to be dirty, they’re too pretty! Xoxo

    1. Awww thanks so much Rach, hehehehe yeah the rose gold versions are AMMMMAZING! <3!!! Thank you it was an amazing place 🙂 I love looking at tropical plants they're incredible!!! 🙂

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