Colourpop – Ultra Matte Lip in StingRAYE & Teeny Tiny

I am really excited to talk about Colourpop today on I Am Serene L!!!

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some Colourpop products to test out for a long time, and after reading countless reviews and looking at how amazing and affordable the brand is… I couldn’t wait any longer :D!

I’ve been using the Depop App to sell & purchase beauty & fashion products on my page @iamserenel & So I found a lovely seller that buys American Beauty products and sells it all on her Depop page, named @LillyJam!! & So I bought Teeny Tiny & StingRAYE – Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip colours from there to try out & they arrived as described, brand new, boxed & perfect! & I find this page perfect as I’m based in the UK & Colourpop still don’t ship out their products internationally, so Lilly Jam’s Depop page was the perfect destination to find all my Colourpop obsession needs <3 :D!

Going into this brand, I’ve had a lot of high expectations in terms of the colour, the affordability, the quality, the stay and they had a lot to live up to! … and although I loved some aspects of these Ultra Matte Lip colours, I had a few minor problems with them also!

I absolutely loved the colours and the pigmentation of the Ultra Matte Lip colours, they are so intensely pigmented and the colours are so vibrant and one lip coating will allow you to achieve an intense lip colour, which I love because it means you’ll have to use less product to achieve your finished lip look! I also love the staying / long lasting nature of the lip colours. The colour lasts on for hours and hours without budging! I can wear them for up to 7 hours & the lip colour stays on…. which is amazing! I also love & adore the affordability of each Ultra matte Lip colour…. for $6.00 ( £4.00) you can hardly say no to buying into these lip colours… that have such long lasting power! I couldn’t say NO! You can even layer different Ultra Matte lip colours with each other to create a lovely Matte Ombre effect lip colour…. as they dry onto the lips really quickly and it allows you to blend in different colours on top of each other.

I also love the bold nature of the packaging and the actual tube and applicator for the Ultra Matte Lip colours! I love the Metallic glitter logo / typography on the tubes, and love the see through / lip gloss shape of each lip colour! You get to see the colour of the lipstick & the applicator tip is perfectly curved to colour in the curves on your lips with ease! I also love the White & red box the Ultra Matte lip colours come in, it’s very eye catching and makes you want to purchase into the product.

I only had a few disappointments in regards to the nature of the feeling of dryness onto the lips. Although they dry perfectly Matte onto the lips… You still feel like they’re drying on the lips, which irritates a little bit… especially because it makes you feel like it’s cracking. But when you actually look at your lips although it feels really drying… Your lips in fact don’t appear as if they’re cracking and the lips still appear perfect and the colour is still Vibrant & intense!

& I had a little minor disappointment with the colours being slightly different to what they appeared to look like in the tubes! For Instance, Teeny Tiny appeared to look like it was a deep Berry toned lip colour, judging by the colour in the tube, but instead it was more a deep / dark plum colour!… & I have a lot of deep plum toned lip colours so I was looking for a more Deep Brown lip colour…. But on the other hand I fell in love with StingRAYE! It was the perfect tone mixed with Brown / Mauve colours to create a deep brown coloured lip with purpley undertones <3!!! I also noticed that the logo rubs off within days of purchasing it, which is a shame…. because I LOVE the metallic typography :(!


|| StingRAYE||

A Mauve / Brown Toned Matte Lip Colour

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 14.35.11.png

Wearing StingRAYE & Absolutely loving it!

|| Teeny Tiny ||

A Deep Grey / Plum Toned Matte Lip Colour

Here are the swatches!


Overall, for the affordability, colour pigmentation and long lasting nature of the ColourpopUltra Matte Lip Colours, I would definitely recommend checking out the range <3!

ColourpopUltra Matte Lip Colour in StingRAYE – | HERE | £9.95

ColourpopUltra Matte Lip Colour in Teeny Tiny – | HERE | £9.95

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Colourpop – Ultra Matte Lip in StingRAYE & Teeny Tiny Review blogpost!!!

Have you tried any of the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip colours before??? Or have you tried any other Colourpop products that you’d recommend I check out??? I want to try out some more products from the brand 🙂

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  1. I’m planning on buying StingRAYE, and looks gorgeous on you!! Also I have heard about the holographic logo rubbing off and that makes me so sad 🙁

    1. You should definitely buy StingRAYE You’ll love it sweetheart :)… & thanks so much! I am a bit disappointed that the holographic logo disappeared 🙁 ! it was so pretty! xoxox

  2. You look gorgeous Serene, I love the sound of Stingraye I will buy it! Thanks for your help xxx

  3. I so need to try Colourpop! These shades look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that Depop page, I need my US beauty fix asap haha!

    1. You really do Lauren :p!!!! & gurrrl you’re so welcome! Im so happy to have discovered Lilly Jam’s page! Thats where I wanna keep buying all my colourpop from LOL! :p! I want some more American Brands now!!! xoxo

      1. 🙂 I know! That’s so good there is a depop shop selling it and also the prices aren’t crazy either! I am definitely gonna pick something up sometime cause those lipsticks look amazing!

      2. You definitely have to! I would have imagined the prices would have been crazy high to sell them here but it’s only like £5 pound difference to buy it from her Depop shop which is Happy days for me :D! They are amazing! You have to let me know what colours you end up buying 🙂 xoxo

  4. colour pop is gorgeous….and it looks fantastic on your lips.
    your make is always flawless…and you look very pretty.

    too bad about the logo rubbing off from the package, I hate when that happens but it is not biggie, right?

    1. Aww thanks so much Ivana, you’re so kind 🙂 <3! Yeah it's a bit of a shame that the logo / metallics rub off so quickly! But it wouldnt stop me from buying some more :p the colours are too pretty! 😀 xoxo

  5. I love these colours, ive never tried colourpop myself but have always wanted to, the products look amazing and so pigmented! x x

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