Gerard Cosmetics – Slay All Day Setting Spray

I ammmmm massively excited to talk about the Gerard CosmeticsSlay All Day Makeup Setting Spray today!


I am obsessed with this range from Gerard Cosmetics, and managed to grab myself the Green Tea one to test out, how can you say no to Green Tea spritzes on your face????…. But if Green Tea isn’t for you, there are many more flavours to sample from, including; Jasmine, Lemongrass, Lavender, & Peach!

I love everything about this Makeup setting spray. It can be spritzed on the face before & after you finish your makeup application. I’ve used this spray before my makeup application and it has provided a boost of hydration, and enabled my foundation to be blended much more easier & appeared so much more flawless (SLAY) :D, and I’ve also applied the Slay All Day Setting Spray after I had finished my makeup & it has mattified my skin to perfection, and controlled the oil production. The setting spray sets into the fine lines and pores of your face evening out the base, and enabling a fresh & natural finish of makeup application on your face! I absolutely LOVE This Slay Spray because it does exactly what it has set out to do and much more. The spray instantly refreshes my face releasing a gorgeous lightly scented Green Tea flavour on my face, and helps to keep my makeup fresh, without it ever looking caked up! PERFECT ❤ So your skin is always looking perfect, and glowing! I’ve received so many compliments from friends about my skin looking flawless and all I say is …. SLAY lol!

I love the long lasting nature of this spray as well, A couple of sprays before & after your makeup application, and your makeup is perfectly set in place for up to 12 hours. You can even carry around this spray with you on the go, and touch up your face with an instant boost of hydration throughout the day, I couldn’t imagine a better way to freshen up my face than a spritz of Green tea all over my face, and this is probably the 4th time in this blogpost I mention about the Green Tea scent hahah! … That is how much I love it :)!

Even the packaging of this Slay All Day Setting spray is gorgeous, me & my man were admiring the Typography and the little image of the Knife, and how clever the marketing for the spray was to indicate SLAY-ING! Very, very clever! & I adore the Colourful content, something is eye grabbing about a colourful makeup product & I adore that the colours of the setting spray liquids match the scent of the flavour they represent! & from a price perspective, how could you say no to purchasing a gorgeous all in one setting spray for only £12.50. I absolutely love the Gerard Cosmetics brand and love the affordability of the brand especially with all the products I’ve tried by the brand have all been of a high quality as well!!!

I definitely recommend try out the Gerard CosmeticsSlay All Day Setting spray, & keep SLAYING Girrrrls! <3

Gerard CosmeticsSlay All Day Setting Spray in Green Tea – | HERE | £12.50

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Gerard CosmeticsSlay All Day Setting Spray Review blogpost!!!

Have you tried the Gerard CosmeticsSlay All Day Setting Spray before??? Or have you tried any other Gerard Cosmetics products that you’d recommend I check out??? I am loving the brand and want to expand my purchases!!!

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    1. You definitely have to give this one a go sweetie :), I have the same Makeup rev one & you’re right it doesnt last all day!!!, this one controls my oily t-zone like no other! 🙂 xoxo

  1. I don’t know what I would do without a setting spray, especially in summer! I am a green tea lover so green tea one would also be my pick 🙂 12 hours lasting is pretty impressive, I use mac fix and after 6-7 hours I need to reapply. xx

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. I use Mac fix + too but I find this one much better & longer lasting 🙂 I am a huge Green Tea lover too 🙂 so this one is perfect xoxo

  2. Love the sound of this spray, really need to grab myself a bottle. Loving the sound of the Jasmine one xxx

  3. This Green Tea version sounds fab, though I’ll admit to loving the sound of the Jasmine version too 🙂 How great it helps makeup stay in place for 12 hours, wow!!

    1. I am loving the sound of the Jasmine one too, I think I’m going to purchase the Jasmine one once I finish the Green Tea version haha :p xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Gemma for the lovely comment & thanks for the trust in my reviews to try out the Gerard Cosmetics lipstick, Im so glad you love it! 🙂 that means a lot & I hope you’ll get to try this one too! 🙂 xoxo

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