Amsterdam – Travel Diaries Part 1

I am really excited to share with you all my latest in travel adventures, and it’s all about my 4 day trip to Amsterdam :D!!!

I travelled with my older brother over to Amsterdam this week & was spoilt for choice over the activities we had to participate in over the duration of the 4 days we had in Amsterdam. I also managed to catch up with a couple of my friends over there, which is also great for discovering new places!!! 😀

Our Hotel, Hotel Nadia was located in a lovely & accessible location which features excellent facilities for a great price it was a 5 minute walk down to Dam Square. Which is all you need when you’re there for 4 days. My advice for travelling is to pick a hotel that has all the facilities you need as you’ll be out most of the time, but you need a safe place to rest at night!!!

On Day One me & my brother walked through Dam Square, through passed all the roads & discovered a couple of the famous Dutch foods, FRIES! You cannot go to Amsterdam & not have their fries! they take their fries seriously, and they don’t mess around! their fries are too die for <3!!!

With the views of the canals, and the roads & the bikes tied up to each bridge you’ll literally be spoilt for choice for photos! it was so hard not to capture everything at every second as I walked, but I found the most beautifully lit Canal with three bridges behind each other all light with sparkling lights!!!

Here is part one of my Travel Diaries in Photos!!!


We left London Luton Airport with lots of fog, I’m actually surprised that our flight managed to leave as most flights were cancelled that morning from Heathrow & Gatwick!!! in the early hours of the morning to arrive in Amsterdam on a beautiful & clear morning!


My brother posing for the camera, I’m kidding I probably forced him to take photos ( he really doesn’t look photos as much as I do) !!! hahaha

DSC_1288DSC_1301 DSC_1300DSC_1302IMG_5061IMG_5051

How beautiful is Amsterdam at Night????!!!! <3


We walked by Dam Square at Night & discovered the beautiful historical buildings including the The Royal Palace of Amsterdam, the National Monument in the Centre of the Square & the de Bijenkorf, a beautiful shopping department store, the equivalent to Selfridges here in the UK! It was spectacular to capture & enter the following day for some well needed shopping!


*Some mixed media included using my DSLR & My Iphone 5c.

|| I’m wearing ||

River Island Sleeveless cowl neck top – |HERE| £16.00

Topshop  Leather Jacket 

Topshop MOTO black ripped Joni Jeans |HERE| £38.00


 I hope you’ve enjoyed my Amsterdam – Travel Diaries Part 1 blogpost!!!

Have you been travelling anywhere this Autumn??? Have you travelled to Amsterdam before & if so, what landmarks do you recommend I check out next time I travel to Holland 🙂 ???

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Amsterdam – Travel Diaries & my latest outfit of the day feature, that I shot in the beautiful streets of Amsterdam! 🙂

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Lots of Love <3

I am Serene L



  1. How beautiful are the views & the canals. Your photography is picturesque! You also look amazing, love your Amsterdam pictures x

    1. Thanks so much Erika, if you’ve never been down to Amsterdam you have to check it out! it’s such a beautiful city connecting everything with the Canals <3 🙂 xox

  2. Amazing photos, how beautiful is Amsterdam!!! You also look gorgeous. How lovely was it that you got to go on holiday with your brother x

    1. Thanks so much sweetie 🙂 I cannot wait to come back and visit holland again! I love love love Amsterdam! It’s such a lively & vibrant place to live in cannot wait to come back & discover some more! Hopefully in part 2 everyone will get to see the museums & foods I ate in Amsterdam xoxo

  3. I love your post. I’ve never been to Amsterdam but I would love to go visit. Your pictures are so beautiful. I love the picture of you with at night with the bridge in the background. I love traveling but I’ve only been traveling locally. Finding beautiful nature spots by me….
    Glad you enjoyed your trip and thanks for sharing beautiful 🙂

    Lots of love,
    Kayla <3 Xx

    1. Thanks so much Kayla 🙂 you have to visit Holland when you get the chance! It is so so beautiful! Thanks it was so so lovely to shoot at night with the lights 🙂 xoxo

  4. I’d love to visit Amsterdam. Cannot wait for part 2 your pictures are stunning & you look gorgeous Serene x

    1. You have to take a visit down to Amsterdam 🙂 you’ll absolutely love it down there! The views are spectacular at night 🙂 I’m going to edit in a lil section about what I’m wearing on this post <3 thanks Kate! Xoxo

  5. So lovely to see Amsterdam through your eyes. I sometimes forget how pretty it can be because it can also just be too crouded and dirty at times. Looks like you had a blast and can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!
    Did you enjoy Bijenkorf? xx

    1. Oh Anne Bijenkorf was heaven on earth! I absolutely loved it inside! it reminded me a lot of selfridges hehe! I’m glad I’ve sparkled some interest back for you & let you see Amsterdam in a beautiful light again! 🙂 I need to visit again soon, would love to catch up for some beauty shopping next time I come hehe!

      1. You lucked out: the entire Bijenkorf beauty department has just reopened after a major overhaul. I haven’t even seen it yet 😉
        Oh yes, next time you come over we really must catch up 🙂

  6. Lovely pictures, it was like taking a virtual tour. I have never been to Amsterdam but I have Dutch friends and they came here to Sicily a couple of years ago and brought me tulip bulbs to plant. It’s too windy here though so they didn’t grow.

    1. Oh no I passed by the flower market & picked up a couple of beautiful tulip bulbs for my mum 🙂 I hope they grow in the UK! But I doubt it because the wind is the same in the UK! thanks so much lovely, you must take a visit down to Amsterdam soon! <3 xoxo

    1. Hehehe, no :p not weird at all 🙂 it’s actually a great way because like you said we’re getting older & soon we’ll not be able to travel together as we’ll be busy with our lives :(! I love spending time with my family! :-p hehehe thanks for the lovely comment hunny <3 🙂 xoxo

    1. Absolutely & they’re not far away too! 🙂 awww lovely! Theres a 2 yr age gap between myself & my brother! It makes it easier to get a long! I understand how difficult it could be to travel with a sibling who is off a really big age gap! I hope you will go on a holi with your brothers 🙂 xoxo

  7. I’ve been looking forward to reading your travel diary since seeing previews on your Instagram! I love Amsterdam though haven’t visited in three years now – it’s such a magical city by night especially 🙂 I love that you travelled with your older brother, I’m still working on convincing my older brother to travel with me haha!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Thanks so much Gabrielle, I cannot wait to put up part 2 🙂 hopefully tonight! You have to go back & visit & drag your older brother hehehe! I absolutely adored the scenery at night! It was so magical 🙂 xoxox

  8. Serene it looks like you had such a wonderful time 🙂 Your photos of the landmarks are just beautiful, especially that palace! I really love your knit top too! Looking forward to reading more of your Amsterdam travel diary

    Rachel xx

    1. Thanks so much Rachel, the landmarks were so spectacular to capture! Especially at night 🙂 I cannot wait to show you the rest of my travel diaries! I have one coming up tomorrow in the afternoon! 🙂 thanks so much Rach! Really into knitted polos at the mo! They’re sooooo comfy 🙂 <3 xoxo

  9. So jealous! Actually, I have good reason to be my hubby had a business trip to Dubai and then stopped at Amsterdam. Ugh, looking forward to doing the same soon. Love ya lil sis keep enjoying life!

    1. I suggest you tag along on your hubbys business trips Big sis :p that way you can travel around to all the lovely cities hehehe <3! I hope you get a chance to visit! It's such a gorgeous city! Xoxoox

      1. Oh trust me we are aiming for that. But for now his company is not willing to pay my way. Believing our personal funds will grow and we soon can. First stop? London of course! 😜💞💗💕

  10. I would love to be that close to one of my brothers and definitely aim to visit amsterdam in the next year, it looks culturally amazing and you always look so stylish doll xx

    1. Awww thanks so much Laurel <3 🙂 you HAVE to take a trip to Amsterdam! Such a gorgeous city! Hehe & thanks for the lovely comment on my header! You're such a gem 🙂 <3 xoxo

  11. Thanks for your very nice ‘review’ of my city. I am glad that you enjoyed your stay so much. I am a happy guy to be living in this great & beautiful city, I cycle every day through the old centre on my way to work (teaching Amsterdam kids 12-18). Cheers to you, and in some time probably: welcome back!

    1. Aww thank you for the lovely comment sweetheart! I loved visiting your city! It was beautiful! <3 I hope I'll be coming back soon! 🙂 oh wow I would love to cycle down there! & you teach kids that's really amazing! Xoxo

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