|Glossybox| October Edition & GIVEAWAY!

I am really excited to share with you all my latest Glossybox review for October 2015. What I love about Glossybox is that all their products are full sized & that enables you to get a real feel for the product. You get to play around with 5 full sized products each month for a tenner, you’ll get £70+ worth of products, I think that’s a real catch in my eyes!

I also love the included information guide, telling you a bit more about the products & where to purchase the products, or where to check out the products if you’d like to find out more about them, or the brand!

This months Glossybox focuses on products to help repair and protect your skin against the colder weather. With 5 full sized products that prove to illuminate your complexion. I was definitely excited to try out all the content of this box!


I’m going to start with the star product of this months box, which is the Nicka KAirbrush blending sponge – £6.50. I’ve tried and tested this little blending sponge out & it really does what it says. The curved dome shape of the sponge enables you to apply liquid foundation products in a rolling, circular motion! Love, Love, LOVE this sponge! The pointed tip of this sponge also enables you to conceal small areas and will enable you to blend hard to reach areas; including the nose area & other hard to reach places on your face. This definitely gives you an airbrushed and streak free flawless foundation finish!

So Susan – Haute Light Highlighting Pencil – £15.00. I was really excited to try out this pencil, as reading the box It claimed to be a multi tasking pencil that you can apply on your brow bones, cheek bones & your dark circles to brighten up and radiate your skin! How amazing is that?… I’ve tried and tested the ivory based pencil on my brow bones, my cheek bones (as a highlighter with my bronzer) & under my eyes as a dark circle eliminator & I can safely say that this all in one pencil is my holy grail! I adore this product, It definitely brightens up all the areas in your skin that need a little touch me up! I cannot recommend trying this product enough, it definitely is the second star product of this months box content!

Lanolips – 101 Ointment – £7.99. This was one of the products I was very intrigued in trying. The multi purpose ointment contains 100% pure Lanolin. I wanted to test out a multi purpose balm that you heat up in your fingers to activate it & then rub onto your lips & any dry patches you have on your skin. After carefully testing this out on my lips and my dry skin patches I’ve found that it works better on the lips than on the skin. The balm is too sticky for your skin & definitely recommend using it only for your chapped lip purposes! So in terms of multi purpose….. I think that concept failed, it is a really amazing lip balm, but only use it for what the brand states the products are for hehe! 😀

Talika – Photo Hydra Day – £24.95. This is the priciest product of the bunch! It’s a deeply hydrating moisturiser. It contains hyaluronic acid inside to help leave your complexion hydrated. It mentions that you can use this product as a primer. So I thought OKK I’m actually going to test this one out. So I’ve actually used the Moisturiser as a primer base for my foundation & it works wonders. I love the radiated feeling you have when you place the moisturiser on your face & it enables a flawless application of makeup on top! I also love the lightly scented and fresh scent of this photo hydra moisturiser cream!

Jelly Pong Pong – Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara – £17.95. This Mascara aims to deliver intense curling action on your lashes with it’s 100% cruelty free formula & unique brush tip. I was really disappointed with this mascara. To be fair I probably expected a bit too much out of this. Maybe something about the £18 price tag made me think that this product was going to be intense, but it failed to deliver the intense type of lashes I was expecting to achieve! It also doesn’t mention whether the mascara is waterproof or not. However, through my own testing I have come to the conclusion that it is in fact non waterproof hehe! I would say the only good things about this product is in fact that it’s made 100% under a non cruelty environment and the fact the brush tip is thin to curl the bottom lashes with ease!

|| Giveaway ||


 I love my readers & value the love and the support they have given me throughout my blogging time. So I’ve decided to open up a giveaway where One Lucky reader of I AM SERENE L can win their very own October Glossybox! But that’s not all I’ve also teamed up with the lovely Accessory brand Trinket Avenue, to offer my the winner a set of 2 Necklaces from their new arrivals range!

To be in with a chance to win all you have to do is enter the giveaway below and follow the rules:

  1. The giveaway will run until the midnight of 31st October.
  2. You must follow myself & Trinket Avenue on our Instagram & Twitter Accounts.  
  3. You must leave a blog comment telling me why you’d like to win the content of my giveaway!
  4. UK Only entrants, this is not an international giveaway.
  5. Must be 18 and older or have their parents permission.


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GlossyboxMonthly box Subscription – | HERE | £10.00


 I hope you’ve enjoyed my | Glossybox | October Edition & GIVEAWAY! blogpost!!!

What do you think of the content inside this months Glossybox October Edition??? What products are you using to protect your skin against the cold weather this season???

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I am Serene L


* COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. The winner is Kate Louise. 


  1. Amazing review, I’d love to win the prizes because the Talika moisturiser sounds amazing! & I’m a huge fan of your blog x

  2. I think the mascara was way too pricey for what it is but the highlighter and sponge makes up for it as they look lovely, glossybox is always hit and miss for me xxx

    1. Yeah the Mascara was a massive disappoint! Too too pricey for the formula 🙁 !!! Looking at the other glossybox I’m giving away they’ve included a face highlighter instead of the mascara from the same company so hopefully the winner of my comp will get to try that one out! 😀 xoxox

  3. I have to try the Talika moisturiser out as I need something deeply hydrating! The highlighting pencil sounds wonderful too, I’m going to keep an eye out for it 🙂

    Velvet Blush

    1. Thanks so much Lovely the Talika moisturiser is a dream, you can win one for yourself, but don’t forget to follow both myself & Trinket Avenue on Twitter & Instagram <3 !!! xoxox

    1. Thanks so much Big Sis <3 !!! 🙂 you definitely should give them a follow! they stock amazing jewellery pieces at an affordable price <3 😀 xoxox

      1. I agree, wish it was a little more consistent. Some months are a little muh and other months are excellent.

  4. Oooh thank you for holding such lovely giveaway Hun! Would love to try that lush looking moisturiser plus lanolips has been in my “must try” list for ages! Following you both 🙂

    Aysh xox

  5. Following @Top_cat81 & katieo2500 on Instagram!
    Love the statement necklace from trinket aveue & I’ve been meaning to try a blending sponge for ages! Fingers crossed & thanks for the giveaway xx

  6. Amazing giveaway, I’m following you & Trinekt Avenue! Would love to win as I’m in need of some pick me up products for the October Cold x

  7. Ooh what a fabulous Glossybox review and giveaway – count me in for sure! 🙂 Hm, well I’d like to win because I’m totally new to beauty subscription boxes! I love that Jelly Pong Pong is featured in this box by the way, I remember using stuff by the brand years ago – I used to adore their pretty packaging! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Awww thanks so much for entering Gabrielle & good luck 🙂 hehehe I never tried Jelly pong pong before this box! fingers crossed you’ll be able to test out your first subscription box 🙂 xoxo

  8. What a lovely giveaway! I’m following you on both already and have just followed Trinket Avenue. And I’d like to win because you got me really interested in that highlighting pencil and I can’t rest now till I try it! Best of luck to everyone. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Thanks so much for entering Kate & good luck 🙂 fingers crossed you get to try out the highlighting pencil! It really is a great product! 💜 🙂 xoxo

  9. I know I should use a sponge for my foundation, but I just can’t shake the feeling that sponges are thirsty little bastards soaking up half my product XD

    1. Hehehe, how do you usually apply the foundation with a sponge :p Frankie? 🙂 I think if you apply the foundation on your face directly, then use the blender sponge in circular motions you’ll get a lot of usage out of your foundation ☺️💋 that way the thirsty lil bastards wont steal your foundation hehe xoxo

  10. Hi lovely, what a gorgeous collection in the Glossybox! Im currently using a couple of products from Talika so the Photo Hydra day looks great for dehydrated skin. The JPP colour is gorgeous for autumn, I need a new blender & highlight pencil too. As for the TA jewellery, what fab pieces, just great for Christmas to update outfits for visiting family. Beautiful photos and thanks for the chance of a giveaway!
    Heidi x

    1. Thanks for entering Heidi & for the lovely comments 🙂 good luck & fingers crossed on getting your hands on these lovely treats! I love Talika too! The Photo Hydra is amazing! I cannot live without it 😀 xoxo

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