|ESQIDO| Unforgettable Lashes

I am so happy to talk about this amazing Fake eyelashes brand named ESQIDO today!

ESQIDO creates their range of lashes using the most finest & soft shed Mink hairs. Giving a lovely natural curl to the lashes and enabling them to look natural on your eyes! They’re known as being the world’s most comfortable fake eyelashes.

The actual set of eyelashes contain a light & soft handcrafted cotton band that results in an easy to apply and comfortable pair of lashes you can wear all day long.

I was kindly sent a pair of their famous fake eyelashes named Unforgettable to trial out & that I did! I was also kindly sent an accompanying lash glue that they’ve formulated to apply & attach your mink lashes with ease too.

Before I get into the finer details of the actual fake lashes & glue. I wanted to mention my love & appreciation for their website. Navigating through the website you’re able to take their lash quiz, which will enable you to click a multiple of different options to determine which pair of their lashes will suit your needs / eye shape the most, and with great excitement the Unforgettable lashes were recommend for me!

You can take their Lash quiz here!

Now onto the lovely lashes :D!DSC_1294DSC_1299DSC_1278

When you invest in a pair of more expensive eyelashes, you get the advantage of re-using them over & over again! With the ESQIDO Mink Eyelashes, you’re able to enjoy the eyelash experience for a longer time, as the lashes can be easily reused if removed gently and stored away in the container they arrive in for many uses! I’ve tried this with many drugstore alternatives, including a pair of Superdrug eyelashes & they usually only last me through one use & then start peeling apart and shedding! So for that reason investing in a more expensive set of quality lashes will definitely save you money and time in the future!

ESQIDO are so sure that you’ll get your money worth out of their lashes that they provide a 60 day guarantee on all their products! & so far I am a huge fan of their quality and their actual product range!

|| Unforgettable Fake eyelashes ||


The nature of these mink lashes are soft and fit onto the eyes with ease! I love that the lashes contain a box & a little information card that shows you how to apply the lashes onto your eyes! The difference between purchasing a pair of mink lashes to synthetic lashes is the lasting nature of the lashes. Investing a pair of mink lashes such as these lovely Unforgettable lashes will save you money in the future for having to replace the lashes, as they last longer and maintain a high quality through uses!

I adore this actual set of lashes, It’s perfect for a night out, a date or practically when you’re in the mood for a dramatic eye look! The fit and the comfort levels of these eyelashes are spectacular! Once I placed the lashes onto my eyes, it was not budging it & they also lasted all day, thanks to the amazing adhesive formula ESQIDO have created to accompany the lashes!!!

|| Companion Fake Eyelash Glue ||


The transparent drying ESQIDO Eyelash glue is latex free. I adore the packaging style of this glue. Inserted into a long tube with a brush that has a fine tip, it applies the glue evenly and efficiently onto the cotton band of the lashes for a perfect fake eyelash fit. I’ve actually used many different eyelash glues and I always struggle with the application style. With some drugstore alternatives, such as the Duo Strip Lash Glue I’ve found that they release too much adhesive out of the tube & this causes a messy application for the lashes, which I don’t like! But with this one you seriously can apply the glue with ease using that perfectly sized fine tipped brush.

|| How to Apply the Unforgettable Lashes ||

(1) Use a pair of tweezers to gently detach the lashes from the box without ruining the lashes. You should use a pair of tweezers rather than your hand, because pulling onto the lashes with your hand will cause them to stretch out!

(2) Apply Companion, the adhesive using the fine tip of the brush onto the cotton band of the lashes!

(3) Place the lashes onto your natural lash line using the tweezers and let the glue set for a couple of seconds to set your lashes in place!

& then you’re good to go! Your eyes will look Fabbbulous!


Here is the finished makeup look with my eyelashes on! <3…. Can’t forget my ultimate pout! Hahah 😀


*EsqidoUnforgettable Mink Fake Lashes – | HERE | $32.00 // £20.60

*EsqidoCompanion Eyelash Glue – | HERE | $10.00 // £6.50

*PR SAMPLE | All items that are Marked with an Asterix are PR samples/Gifts |


 I hope you’ve enjoyed my | Esqido | Unforgettable Lashes blogpost!!!

What do you think of Esqido ??? Have you heard of the brand before & what Fake eyelashes do you recommend I check out???

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Lots of Love <3

I am Serene L


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    1. Awww seriously thank you so much Leanne 🙂 they are an incredible set of lashes! I can’t wait to start building up a collection of their lovely lashes! I’m a huge fan now oxoxox

  1. Wow they look amazing on you, I haven’t worn false lashes forever but they always make you feel sexier I think! Love the sound of the glue as I have the same problem with duo too xxx

    1. Thanks so much Jess 🙂 ahhh don’t get me started on Duo! The first time I used the glue it squirted all out on my lashes :(! This one is amazing <3 🙂 you should try it! Lashes do make you feel sexier I agree! 🙂 xoxox

  2. Gorgeous lashes, they’re so Sexy & full of Volume. Will need to take that quiz as soon as possible. You look stunning hunny.

    1. Thanks so much Karen 🙂 you really need to try them out! They will last for a long time and saves you having to replace the lashes all the time :)! A win in my books 😀 hehe! The quiz is amazing isn’t it 😀 xoxox

    1. Thanks sweetie! No don’t be scared 🙊 but I think if you’re a beginner try a pair of natural looking ones to get a grip on the lashes before purchasing into a more voloumious version <3 🙂 xoxox

      1. No bother 🙂 Haha! Yeah thats a good idea thanks! I will definitely get round to trying them out sometime, I just need an occasion to wear them haha!

      2. Hehehe, anytime sweetie! You have to show me or tell me about your experience when you get round to trying out a pair hehe 🙂 !!! I say use any occasion to wear your lashes hehehe! Xoxo

  3. I’ve seen so many YouTuber’s use Esquido lashes and they are just drop dead gorgeous!! I am really considering getting a pair due to the fact I can stock up on a few different styles and get my money’s worth and be able reuse instead of drugstore lashes that aren’t really reliable when it comes to trying to save them for another occasion. Great post as well, VERY DETAILED!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful information!! I’m going to take the lash quiz right now LOL

    1. Thanks so much Dominique! 🙂 I think investing a few good quality lashes will definitely save you the bucks in the long run! & although there are drugstore alternatives nothing compares for the comfort & the fit in my eyes! Let me know how you get on with the lash quiz! Hope you pick up a lovely pair from Esqido <3 xoxox

  4. Looks good, Serene. I haven’t heard of this brand before. Unfortunately I don’t use lashes, so I can’t recommend any. Hehe..


    1. Not a silly question at all 🙂 thanks for asking! As far as I’m aware none were harmed in the process of making these eyelashes 🙂 the hairs are naturally shed of the mink to make up the hair of the eyelashes! Thanks so much Suze, & I hope that helps! Xoxox

      1. Heheheh yeah, it’s like a volume / lengthening addition that you can get with your mascara LOOOOL ❤️ thanks so much Anne! I think they’ll look amazing on your eyes too! Xoxox

  5. Wow! These look amazing on you and so natural. I actually had no idea you could buy such expensive lashes, and have never heard of this brand, but I’ll definitely be looking into them in the future! I love the fact that they’re reusable. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Thanks Kate 🙂 hehehe you should definitely consider investing in a pair you’ll be able to reuse them for many many times 🙂 let me know what you think when you check them out <3 xoxoxo

  6. WOW how luxurious mink eyelashes! Well, not sure if I can do these justice. I must admit I am still not to great at putting these. But how cool would it be to master mink ones?

    1. I will look for a synthetic alternative for you <3 but I reassure you that the hairs are of natural shedding & no mink was harmed in the process of making the lashes <3 xoxox

    1. Thanks so much Maria <3 love you so much !!! 🙂 you really need to get your hands on a pair you will absolutely love them! <3 hope you have a lovely Thursday (actually Friday, now :p) heheheh xoxoxo

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. Serene your eyes look incredible, what a beautiful set of lashes! Although I’m far too chicken to ever attempt false lashes myself, I can appreciate how gorgeous these look on you. Beautiful! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Thanks so much Gabrielle :)! You are such a sweetie! I actually think fake lashes would look so pretty on you 💗! You have to hhhhave to try on a pair 🙂 <3 xoxox

    1. Thanks so much Rachel 😀 !!! you’re such a sweetheart! 😀 Love their range of lashes, they have everything from natural lashes – more with full volume! such a great range! <3 😀 xoxox

  8. Gorgeous! Those are so flattering on you! All of the recent lash posts that I’m seeing as of late are really motivating me to play around with some false ones again! I’m SO BAD at applying them and the last time I used them was in 2011 and think I lost a couple of my own lashes in the removal process. LMAO!!!!!

      1. Hahahaha! Well, when I was applying I was having trouble getting them just right and as a result I got some glue on my actual lashes. I didn’t think much of it and covered it with eyeliner and it looked fine, but when I removed I realized that a couple of my lashes weren’t going to survive!! Thankfully it wasn’t noticeable, but it freaked me out enough to not try them again for quite some time! Could have been a lot worse!!! LOL!

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