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I am beyond excited to share with you all my latest perfume buy, Olympéa from Paco Rabanne. I’ve always loved the brand for their signature scents including the lovely fragrance, Lady Million.

I’ve had high expectations for this fragrance since I caught the advert of the Olympéa perfume on television. I instantly saw (judged) by the Greek God theme that this was going to be the partner fragrance for their men’s fragrance, Invictus. Now, if anything this got me excited as if it was anything Like Invictus it definitely floated my boat if you know what I mean. I loved the men’s fragrance, and even bought it for my brother for his birthday! So I knew that the female version will not be a disappointment :)!!!

I fell in love with the bottle the minute I set my eyes on the Olympéa bottle! If anything you will put your other bottles to shame, I adore the Circular base of the perfume, and the surrounding rose gold detailing. It definitely reminds me of a Greek Goddess statue.


The scent is aimed to target the modern day Cleopatra ( Olympéa )!

“The fragrance of a modern day goddess, Paco Rabanne Olympéa  Eau de Parfum makes a statement of strength, power and seduction. Between myth and reality is where you’ll find Olympēa, a statuesque idol of conquest and victory. Her fragrance is just as commanding as she is, featuring a legend-inspiring salted vanilla accord that elevates her above the clouds.”

Paco Rabanne

From the first spray, you’re invited into an intense world of sweetness and floral! I think one spray is enough, as the intensity of the scent can be a little too much with more than one spray! I’d go for a spray on the neck or the wrist! Trust me a little does go a long way, as the lasting smell of the scent stays on for agesssss! :D… Back to the fragrance scent! Olympēa combines a wonderful range of different ingredients including the Ginger Lily and the Jasmine which is the first set of notes to greet your nose buds & then you’ll slowly be invited into a creamy and sweet Salted Vanilla scent as the heart of the middle notes for the fragrance. The sweetness of the Vanilla enables a more subtle and sweet after scent which I can confirms made me feel confident!!! As a final note for the perfume that acts as the base that brings together all the smells, you’re greeted into an intense and powerful scent brought through the Sandalwood & the Ambergris.

Notes in the fragrance include:

Top: Green Mandarin, Ginger Lily, Hydroponic Jasmine
Heart: Salted Vanilla
Base: Sandalwood, Ambergris

All in all, I definitely recommend trialling out this fragrance, as the perfume instantly makes you feel confident & seductive through the careful blend of the floral and the sweet! A definite yes in my books & cannot wait to see what Paco Rabanne come up with next!!!

Paco Rabanne – Olympéa 50ML Eau De Parfum – | HERE | £53.50


 I hope you’ve enjoyed my |Paco Rabanne| Olympéa blogpost!!!

Have you smelt the latest addition to the Paco Rabanne perfume family, Olympéa yet??? What perfumes are you wearing this Summer???

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Lots of Love <3

I am Serene L



    1. Hehehe, the advert was just amazing :D! You really have to try it out, I think you’ll fall in love with the perfume, it’s too perfect! <3 Xo

      1. Hehehe, yay what perfect timing you’re looking for a new scent & this one is just perfection in a bottle 🙊💕😝! Xo

  1. This perfume sounds so lovely! I’m loving that it has Jasmine and the Vanilla in it! I hope catch a whiff of this perfume soon! Great review Serene! 🙂 xo

    1. Ah Katie, the combo of the Jasmine & the Vanilla is so beautiful together! the two compliment each other soo sooo much 🙉💕! you have to tell me what you think when you give it a Whiff! 😀 xoxo

  2. Such a lovely perfume! It sounds like it sounds lovely too! I’ll have to go test it out instore x

    1. Thanks Kitty 🙂 Trust me when I say this is just as good as what Invictus is to a man 😝! My Brother loves the for him version & this one is just perfection for us ladies! 💗 🙂 I think the packaging is just eye catching! I hope you love it as much as I do Xo

    1. You definitely have to 🙂 I see the adverts everywhere too! I like the buzz surrounding this perfume! I think it really deserves the recognition :D, thanks for stopping by & the lovely comment 🙂 Xo

    1. Heheheh, oh May! trust me when you try it I don’t think you’ll be won over by the floral notes! The sweet Vanilla definitely dominates this perfume & I agree I’d definitely place this on the front of my dressing table! IT’S TOO GORGEOUS not to stare at hehe! Xo

    1. Hehehe, you have great taste in Perfumes Sheren <3! you need to tell me what you think of it when you test it out ( I think you're going to fall in love ) !!!! 😀 & the packaging is just a stunner isn't it! Xo

  3. I really love the sound of this, I’ve been learning lots about perfumes and their make up lately and think I am finally finding what I actually like! The bottle is stunning too xxx

    1. Thanks Jess 🙂 I love the bottle, I think that’s what sold the perfume to me at first & then I smelt it & fell in love! You have to let me know what you think of it when you try it out! I’ve been learning a lot about makeup & perfume too 🙂 It’s fun learning about new & exciting products! <3 Xoxo

  4. I love the idea of the scent being strong after just one spray as perfume doesn’t seem to cling very well to my skin! I’ve also seen the advertisement/campaign for this scent and oh my gosh, it’s so ethereally beautiful 🙂 The top note of Jasmine sounds lovely…

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Heheh I think that’s perfect because the actual scent will last longer & the staying nature of the perfume is long lasting! Such a great aspect of the perfume :)! I loved the advert too! I love Greek Mythology & find the concept of this perfume and the brother perfume, Invictus such a great concept <3! I also love the fact they've mixed the Jasmine with the Vanilla! A really lovely blend of ingredients 🙂 xoxox

  5. It might be a bit thick for my liking because of the Jasmine and the Vanilla but I will definitely check it out. Green mandarin is always nice. Thx for sharing, Serene. That packaging is so elegant and yet cute at the same time.

    1. It is a strong intense fragrance 😀 You’re welcome Lenya, thanks so much for stopping by & always leaving a lovely comment <3!!! The packaging really is an amazing feature 😀 Xoxox

    1. Hahaha Invictus is sucu an addictive scent! Oh lovely, it’s a shame that you didn’t enjoy the fragrance! Was it the intensity of the smell maybe? xoxo

  6. Oh my gosh the bottle is like a work of art- I am immediately drawn to anything rose gold and this would just look stunning on the dresser! I can see what you mean about the statue look too. I’m a big fan of Paco Raabanne fragrances too- I used to use Black XS, which smelt soooo good! The way you’ve described the perfume makes it sound like something would certainly invest in 🙂 Wonderful review as always

    P.S. I’m wearing ‘Ricci Ricci’ by Nina Ricci

    Rachel xx

    1. I love the way you described it as a work of art! It really is <3! Ohh I absolutely used to love Black XS 😀 it was a fave of mine a while ago, I might just start using that one again too! Hahaha you really have to try it out Rach, you'll love it! Ohhhhh Ricci Ricci another perfume I love <3 girl you have great taste in perfumes 🙂 thanks for stopping by & always leaving me lovely comments <3 😀 xoxo

  7. The packaging is stunning! It looks really, really nice. I need it in my life for sure, especially now that I’m looking for a nrew perfume! Thanks for sharing, lovely! Hope you are having a great week! xx

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