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I am really thrilled to be sharing my thoughts on the new Oleo Radiance Hair care range from TRESemmé!!! I’ve never really tried any hair products from the brand before, and so when I was offered the chance to trial the new Oleo Radiance range, I jumped at the opportunity to try out these bad boys.


I was kindly sent the Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil Elixir from the specialist range & I have been trying it over the past week. One of the things that attracted me to this range of hair products was the fact that it contains both Argan oil and Almond Oil! & promotes that one thing we all hate the HAIR FRIZZ!!! 😀

The Oleo Radiance range is created to illuminate Hair Frizz, and make it feel light weight and healthier with it’s nourishing factors that are present in the hair products formula, including Argan Oil & Almond oil! You get a double whammy of oils with this range of hair products, and that just WOWS ME EVEN MORE & MORE!!!

After trialling the range for just over a week, on a daily basis I’ve fallen in love with the range, the hair care products do exactly what they specify, I’ve even found the after smelling element of the hair products to just be sensational! Throughout the day you can smell the lovely Salon oils working their magic, and leaving your hair looking and smelling fresh! I adore the scent of this range, and haven’t loved a hair products smell quite like this one in a while! The nourishing factor from the hair products leave your hair feeling fresh and is not at all greasy, you’d expect with the amount of oil in the products, that it might leave your hair feeling heavy and greasy, but this product is the complete opposite in fact it just leaves your hair feeling Glowing and Illuminated and very light with no frizz in sight!

The Oleo Radiance hair care product range, looks sleek from a packaging perspective too, I usually buy products with my eyes and the slimline tubed shampoo and conditioner definitely grabbed my attention from the first moment I laid my eyes on the range. I also love the transparent pump bottle of the Oil Elixir, I’ve used about 4 pumps of the oil elixir everyday and it looks as though I haven’t used the product (that’s to show that a little goes a long way). The quality and the quantity available in the elixir is enough to last you for moooonths! I also have to comment on the affordability of the hair product range. I adore the fact that TRESemmé promote affordable hair products with salon quality! & you will not be disappointed with this product range, I’ve gone TRESemmé & will never go back!!!

|| Application Tips ||

DSC_1082DSC_1083 DSC_1085

I’ve used the Oil Elixir on my wet hair before I’ve applied the Shampoo and Conditioner as a hair treatment! I’ve pumped out 4 helpings of the elixir and massaged it into my hair starting at my roots to my ends.


After this I’ve applied the shampoo and then the conditioner ensuring that I place the conditioner on my mid lengths to my ends (avoiding my hair roots) applying conditioner on your hair roots is not healthy at all, and will create more frizz!!!

& I’ve also used the oil elixir on my dry hair, before Styling it acts as a great styling product before straightening to prevent frizz, and to protect again the heat of your styling tools! It leaves a whiff of Argan / Almond oil too, after you’ve used it, which wins brownie points with me anytime! 😀

*TRESemmé – Oleo Radiance Shampoo 250ML – | HERE | £5.99

*TRESemmé – Oleo Radiance Conditioner 250ML – | HERE | £5.99

*TRESemmé – Oleo Radiance Oil Elixir 100ML – | HERE | £9.99

*PR SAMPLE | All items that are Marked with an Asterix are PR samples/Gifts |


I hope you’ve enjoyed my |TRESemmé| Oleo Radiance Hair Range blogpost!!!

What do you think of TRESemmé??? Have you used any products from the Brand before and what hair care products are you loving at the moment???

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Lots of Love <3

I am Serene L



  1. I’m glad to hear these hair products really work…and even more that you enjoyed them and that they smell divine- that’s always a plus!

  2. The Oil elixir sounds amazing! I love the sound of this haircare range will need to buy it all xxx

    1. Thanks so much Nila, ah it also smells like heaven! A plus in my eyes 🙂 you have to give the oil elixir a go, it’s such a great styling / hair treatment product 😀 xoxo

      1. I love the word, magic! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait for trying. Have a great weekend 🙂

      2. That’s my fave word to use hehe 🙂 You’re welcome hunny! I seriously can’t wait for you to get your hands on them! 🙂 I hope you have a lovely weekend too & thank you 🙂 xoxo

    1. Hehe thanks so much Katie, ohh which Hairspray? 🙂 I’ve heard they have a stray hair eliminating spray that I want to try 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊 🙂 <3 you definitely should check these out! You'll love the range 😚😆 xoxox

  3. i actually use their shampoo and conditioner but i don’t think i’ve seen these products in the market here yet! thanks for the in depth review serene 🙂 so helpful always!

    1. Yeah you really have to sweetie! It hasn’t hit the UK yet you’re right! 🙂 but when it does I feel like it will ht the hair world by storm! Such a great range of hair products xoxox

    1. I’m absolutely in love with the combination of Argan oil & Almond oil! Such a great nourishing product 😚💗 you have to try this range out Anne, I think you’ll love it xox

  4. This range sounds absolutely fabulous – the packaging alone is gorgeous! My current shampoo/conditioner contains argan oil and it’s totally transformed the quality of my hair, so I can imagine how good this range is 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    1. Thanks so much Gabrielle 🙂 the packaging is just something else isn’t it! This one has the added bonus of Almond oil too 🙊💕!!! Xoxox

    1. The Almond oil is pretty amazing 🙂 I love using it in my hair as a styling product to help add shine in between straightening 🙂 as the heat usually dries up the hair & the oil adds a healthy glow! ohhh I’ll have to check that out! This ones a great affordable frizz attack alternative 💗☺️😆🙊 xoxoxo

  5. I have never tried this product, but my hair doesn’t work well with Tressemme. So I will see if this one works!

    1. Hehehe maybe this is a reason to rekindle your love for Tresemme? 😀 honestly the formula is very nourishing and works well with all hair types! I have very thick hair, and my friend is using it & she has thin hair! She loves the healthiness it adds and the after glow! & I do as well! If anything it will volumise the hair 😀 xoxox

    1. Awww you’re welcome Naomi! You’ll have to check out the brand (non biased opinion :p) >>> but YOU’LL love it 😀 especially this range! I never used any of the hair products before this either 🙂 xoxox

    1. They are soo sooo lovely Annie, you have to give them a go! Have you ever tried any Tresemme before? 🙂 <3 xoxox P.S Hope you're week is going well my lovely Granny! <3 😀 xoxox

    1. Yay! I think you will love this range from Tresemme! 🙂 especially with the mix of oils they have! They smell like heaven and act like pure magic on the hair 😀 xoxox

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