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I am going to dedicate this entire blogpost to talk about Twig, a MAC Lipstick that is just all sorts of lipstick perfection! You can never go wrong with a MAC Lipstick I think, no matter how many you buy there is always rooms for a new option & at the moment I’m loving Twig!!!

I’ve always been on the search for a satin type lipstick that is just a perfect shade for everyday! Twig was definitely that shade. I’ve purchased into this lipstick from the Duty Free area within the airport, a haven of discounted MAC makeup anyone???? Yes Please 😀

I was actually in search for a matte type lipstick or to pick up another of my recently finished Mehr lipstick, but I came out with this very lovely alternative!

I couldn’t be more happier with the texture, the look and the lasting nature of Twig! It is a lovely Satin finished pink / brown toned lipstick * with more pink undertones than brown and a veryyyyy subtle sheen (for those that like their matte lipsticks) *

I think this is a perfect shade for all skin tones, and is perfect for the everyday sort of makeup look and would definitely invest in having this very transitional lipstick within your collection! You can even add a bit of lip liner underneath to drama up the makeup look, for a night time look. I really can’t see how you can go wrong with Twig!!! A MAC Lipstick for all MAC enthusiasts!!!

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Here’s a couple of snaps I took with me rocking my new Twig lipstick!


|| MAC || – Twig Satin Finish Lipstick – | HERE | £15.50 / (£12.90 Duty Free Price)


I hope you’ve enjoyed my | MAC | Twig blogpost!!!

What do you think of Twig? Have you bought into the any MAC Lipsticks recently that I should try? & what alternatives do you recommend I check out ??? 🙂

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Lots of Love <3

I am Serene L



    1. Definitely know what you mean, it really takes trying it out on your lips first to know whether it will suit you or not! I love testing out lipsticks on the MAC Counter I always am intrigued with what is lovely on and what I thought will suit me sometimes just doesn’t hahaha! 😀 xoxox

  1. This is my favourite MAC lipstick and possibly my favourite ever lipstick! Such a great shade and the formula is amazing too!

    1. It’s becoming a fave of mine too, the satin finish of the lipstick is just perfection! I haven’t loved a lipstick as much as I love this one 😀 xoxox

      1. Same! I really love the Satin finish, I definitely need to try more of MAC lipsticks in the same finish!

    1. Really 🙂 that’s the first I hear of that! I know she’s a massive fan of Velvet Teddy but maybe it’s Twig too! Can’t blame her if it’s true this colour is tooooo gorgeous not to want :p 🙂 xoxox

    1. Thanks so much Lovely Granny! I’ve missed you, how have you been? 😀 <3 I really think it's also time that you buy one MAC lipstick (I think it should be twig) 😀 xoxox

      1. hi my lovely Granny! I know I kind of been mia these couple of days but I had some issues I had to deal with! you know things suck when life gets in the middle of everything! but thank goodness everything’s fine now!
        haha! Twig is definitely a colour I would love to wear! so yeah! maybe I would have to get me on little black bullet! 😉
        have a great week lovely!
        lots of xx

      2. Awww Annie I hope you’re ok and everything is fine! I missed you over here! I’m always here to talk if you ever need anything 🙂 & you must jump on that bandwagon I need to see that black bullet lipstick in your hand ASAP :p hope you have a lovely Week hunny! Xoxo

  2. I love the look of this! Looks so wearable but there’s “something” about it too, if you know what I mean! My most recent Mac lippie is Morange and I love it – gorgeous orange shade for summer.

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Ohhh I’ll have a look out for Morange 🙂 I do love a lovely Orange I’ve tried MAC costa chic, but it was too coral for my skin tone! Maybe this one will suit me! & I know exactly what you mean and agree theres just something about this loooool! 🙂 xoxox

  3. Oh my gosh Serene, this post has come at such a great time because for the past few weeks I’ve been trying to decide whether to go for Twig – I’m now convinced! Everyone seems to look so gorgeous in this colour, yourself included 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    1. Thanks so much Gabrielle 🙂 You must get your hands on this one in particular! It’s just soooo lovely on! You will definitely not regret this one! & thanks so much beautiful, you will look amazing in it too 🙂 xoxox

    1. Hahahaa! Omg you always crack me up :p If anything this colour will just look Bannnnnging on you Missy! You have to actually buy this colour 😛😆😚 xoxox

    1. Thanks so much beauty! I can tell you’ve been loving your browns! I love em too 😀 looking for my next variation I’m going to check out both your choices hehehe! <3 xoxox

    1. Awww babe you definitely need to get your hands on it 😀 it will suit everyone which is great! Hate those lipstick shades that doesn’t suit everyone 🙁 (mostly the case with the colours I want to love) hahaha 🙂 & thanks so much sweetie, it will look great on you too! 🙂 xoxox

      1. Looool I’ve wanted like a Violet purple 😓 but I don’t think that would be a wise choice looooool! ohhh Blue 🙊 that sounds amazing hahaha 😀 xoxox

      2. Lool I tried a pinky purple and that’s not so risky! Maybe try that first and work your way up!! Haha will keep you posted as soon as I pluck up the courage to actually try it 🙂 xx

      3. Ohhh what pink/purple colour did you try? 🙂 I’ll give that a go hehe! & YES you have to wear Blue one time 😀 xoxox

  4. Oooo, Twig is seriously gorgeous on you, Serene! I have a budget alternative of Mac Twig which I have been loving recently and it’s by Avon with the same lipstick name. I had no choice but to get the dupe because there’s no Mac store in my town. *sob!*

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Oooooooh I’ll check out the Avon dupe anything similar that is a fraction of the price is a good beauty product in my books 😀 OH NO theres no MAC store in your town 🙁 !!! Thanks so much beautiful 🙂 <3 xoxox

    1. Oh you really need Twig in your life! Lol I say that but instead of using up the old ones, I always end up buying more & more LOOOOOOOL! 😀 xoxox

    1. Ohh Twig is just a gorgeous colour, Ohhh I’ll have to check out Faux and Syrup! I agree MAC Just kill it with their lipstick variety 😀 <3 xoxox

    1. LOL now that you mention it, why is it called Twig? :p I have another mac lipstick blogpost coming soon :p … A pink / nude lipstick 😍 xoxox

      1. I have no idea! It is not even a browny shade like a twig xD
        Ooooooh can’t wait to see the pics of that one. You have got my follow 🙂 x

      2. Hahahaha aww thanks 😀 <3 so much love here! I'm going to give you a follow back 🙂 hahahaha a browny twig like shade :p xoxox

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