|Burberry| – Signature Iconic Nail Polish Trio Review

I am so excited to share with you all this blogpost as I’ve never tried any Burberry makeup products before, you could say I’m a Burberry Cosmetics Virgin & what better way to break the Virginity with a trio of Iconic nail polishes?!!! :p


If any three nail colours are perfect for me, I would say these Burberry Polishes do the job! I’m very into my Nudes, Reds & Dark polishes & so these are just perfect! & they’re great colours to co-ordinate with anything you wear too!


The Iconic Nail polish Trio features the three shades | Left to Right|:

Poppy Black No. #299 – The Darkest black Polish you’ll find around!


Dark Trench No. #106 – A Beautiful, Light Nude nail polish!



Military Red No. #300 – The Type of Red Nail polish that will grab everyone’s Attention!


|| Packaging ||

Judging from the Packaging of the Burberry polishes, the Iconic Print on the Metallic lid is a nice touch! Gives the Bottle a nice & unique look, drawing you into buying the product more & more!

The Trio set also comes inside a lovely gift box, a little extra detail that makes the product look even more special!


However, looking at the content initially you are a bit mislead, thinking the content is only the bottom section of the bottle! & you’ll think £15.00 is quite a lot for just that much content! But I spoke too soon, and opened the Lid to find a lot more to the bottle!


It’s also worth mentioning about the Nail Polish names & colours. They represent elements of the Burberry Logo, the Iconic trench coat and British Landscape. So it’s as if you’re buying into the whole British Lifestyle when you buy this Polish range!!!

|| About the Nail Polishes ||


Each Burberry Nail polish contains 8Ml of Nail polish.

The nail polishes are formulated to dry under 2 minutes when you place 2 coatings & fully dry within 6.5 Minutes. Perfect for when you’re on the go & need to paint your nails very quickly! The Wide Rounded end Nail Polish brush also makes your life simpler. Enabling you to have more control on painting your nails. I find the larger the brush, the better the control as you’re evenly applying 1 coat onto the nail at one go.

 The Burberry Polishes are formulated with patent-pending technology, & has a protective and long-lasting high-gloss finish with faster drying and hardening times.

The formula contains strengthening and moisturising elements, including:


Pro-vitamin B5


Myrrh extract

to help protect and care for nails and prevent breakages.

To buy the Trio Set:

BurberrySignature Collection Trio – | HERE | £45.00

Or to buy Individually:

BurberryNail Polish in Military Red No. #300 – | HERE | £15.00

BurberryNail Polish in Dark Trench No. #106 – | HERE | £15.00

BurberryNail Polish in Poppy Black No. #299 – | HERE | £15.00


I hope you’ve enjoyed my |Burberry| – Iconic Nail Polish Trio Review Blogpost!!!

Have you tried any Burberry Cosmetics & what are your Go to Nail polish shades?

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