VERSO SKINCARE – FACIAL SERUM REVIEW & Why we should use them!!!

I am a huge fan of the facial serum invention!!! Serums are a great alternative to using creams/ moisturisers, as they are lighter, and quicker to absorb into your skin!!!

I’ve fallen in love with the Verso Skincare Super Facial Serum. The Verso Skincare Facial serum contains Retinol 8,  and is created mainly heal & strengthen your facial skin cells!


|| Why is Retinol 8 Important ? ||

The Retinol 8, is a stabilised Vitamin A complex which is 8 times more effective than standard retinol!

This is important as it boosts the skins natural production of Collagen to help reverse signs of ageing!

|| Why we should use Facial Serums? ||

Facial Serums are great as they are faster to absorb into your skin & will absorb into deeper layers of your skin than moisturisers.

This is great, as the molecules in the Facial serums are smaller than moisturiser molecules, and this enables the Serum molecules to penetrate into more layers of you skin, in oppose to the one layer that Moisturisers can penetrate.

This way all the Vital nutrients can reach your skin layers with ease!!!

|| Swatch ||


|| Results ||

I have used the Verso Skincare – Facial serum for over one month. I love Facial serums as they are very quick to absorb into your skin, and feel light & fresh too! I found the Verso Skincare – Facial serum to present all of those qualities & more! I mean it smells like floral heaven the minute you pump out the product from the bottle & feels light in your hand. The texture of the Facial serum is the perfect balance between Light/Heavy & lathers onto your skin perfectly. It absorbs instantly, leaving your skin feeling like nothing is really on.

My skin felt instantly more glowing. I also felt my complexion appeared more cleaner & felt considerably fresher. I absolutely love the packaging of this Facial serum too! It is in pump form. This enables you to release just as much product as you need really, without wasting too much! The nature of the Black & White packaging also presents the product in a fresh & modern way, which is definitely in line with the whole brand aesthetics, as the Verso Skincare range comes from the the modern lands of Stockholm ( & their love for Minimalism ).

I have used this product for over one month, using one pumping in the day & one at night every day & it will last you longer than one month! I definitely recommend using this product, as it will be a great investment beauty product for the future & will instantly become a part of your daily beauty/ skincare regime!!!

I feel amazing & my skin feels amazing!

So here is a little #selfie to show you just how much I believe in this product!!!


Verso SkincareFacial Serum – | HERE | £95.00


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Verso Skincare – Facial Serum Review & Why we should use them Blogpost!!!

Have you Heard or used any of the Verso Skincare products before?

Are you a fan of Facial Serums?

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  1. Great review of an amazing product Serene! I love using serums for their thin consistencies great paired with a more heavy moisturizers. And it’s my first time learning about Retinol 8 so thanks for an insightful takeaway! 🙂 – Lena

    1. You’re most welcome Lena, I am so fascinated with Retinol 8 and all the great advantages you get by using it!! I agree with you on the serums being lighter & you can definitely combine them together with a Moisturiser to create a more personal skincare routine !! 🙂 xoxox

    1. Ohhh the Ren Oil one is a really great option!!! I hope you do get to try this one out! it’s so lovely!!! Definitely try a Face serum with Retinol in it, it will boost the collagen production in your skin cells :-p which is always a Plus !!! 💋💋 !!!! xoxox

      1. 😜😜😜😜 but so do you over there!! some amaaaazing finds we don’t have over here in the UK 🙈 there are so many amazing things everywhere waiting to be discovered hahaha!! xox

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